Survey on the effect of blockchain in elections

Hi NEARians and blockchain enthusiasts,

Hope you had a great NYE holiday :slight_smile:

Currently, I am doing research in the field of politics. I need to collect data on the effects of the implementation of the blockchain on election processes.

I would like to conduct short interviews with people who have some knowledge/interest in the field. The research can serve as a base for the further implementation of blockchain into governmental processes.

Let’s enhance the opportunities of blockchain together, DM if you are interested :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hi Ana,

It sounds like you are conducting important research on the potential use of blockchain technology in election processes. I’d be happy to help with your research by participating in a short interview if you’d like. I have some knowledge of blockchain technology and have followed its development in the field of politics. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or topics you’d like to discuss in the interview.

Hi Cindy,
Thank you for your reply, I am confirming the questions now with my prof and will contact you as soon as they will be ready