Summary of KANO|HACKNODE|NIGERIA hosted by Nearprotocol Nigeria

Good day all this is the summary of events and announcements of teams that participated in building on NEAR via the Testnet.


Kano Hacknode occurred on the 11th of September which took place in the conference hall of Central hotel kano state. This is the first ever live blockchain event to ever hold in the northern part of Nigeria that saw many interested in seeing what Nearprotocol had to offer and its possibilities in terms of development.

We had more than 300 who registered for the event which can be seen be the summary PDF available here
Summary of registrants

And on the day of the event we had more than 140 live at the venue and tens of others watch live via our YouTube channel.

Summary of attendees with their near wallet provided in the link below

Attendees summary

During the event speakers talked on what blockchain is using NEAR-PROTOCOL as an example, career opportunities in NEAR, how to build on NEAR than a MVP was show to the attendees, many questions were asked as many of the developers weren’t familiar with RUST or assembling script but the developers within the Nearprotocol Nigeria were able to answer best to their ability.

During the course of the event everybody opened a Near wallet and each wallet was funded with 1 Near so that they could understand the speed of transaction Near offers.

Also During the people of the metabuild Hacknode we challenged developers to form teams, use the knowledge gotten from the event and come up with ideas that can be built on NEAR using the test net that will be beneficial to both Nearprotocol ecosystem and Nigeria as a whole. We gave them a space of 3 weeks to form reasonable teams and come up with a product with a total pool price of a $1000 in NEAR tokens.

The event was carried up and published on two popular blogging site in Nigeria and a local newspaper here in Nigeria.

After the event we created a form to request feedback from the attendees. We got up to 100+ feedback which was very positive and many are hoping we can do similar events in other parts of Nigeria.

Feedback summary

Content of feedback form

Summary of products built

3 weeks as passed and this is the summary of projects built from participants.

6 teams were formed each bringing up 6 different unique projects. Many factors were considered by both the Nearprotocol Nigeria team and the judge
@cenwadike who has finished his training on building on Binance Smartchain, finished the learner developers program for NEAR current building on Polygon and hyperledger.

From his point of view he has gone through all the 6 projects and made recommendations that only 2 seem fit to be awarded because many either couldn’t complete the task within the 3 weeks or some of their team members were having one issue or the other.
Github handle of judge,

Details of the projects built can be seen below
Hackathon project report

So we want to congratulate
Adavize guest book and Coin Game who atleast showed effort in trying to build something reasonable

And special call out to Identity Hub who didn’t make it to top 2 because of failure to complete their project but the idea behind their project is what we as Nearprotocol Nigeria will take up and work together with them to fulfilment.

So this brings an end to the kano Hacknode metabuild event that was hosted last month.

We will have a zoom meeting closing ceremony with participants and we would announce winners and we would immediately begin working with team of identity hub.

Remaining cost on completion of the Hacknode.

Reward for 1st team $500
Reward for 2nd team $300
Judge $500
3 media post $150
145 attendees with 5$ on each head 725$
Operations for a team of 12 people 1500

Bringing up a sum total of $3675

And we want to thank the NEAR team for believing in us to deliver and we would luv to participate in other metabuild Hacknodes in other regions in Nigeria

Link to the previous post about the kano Hacknode here

Initially introducing and events that occurred in the Hacknode

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Thanks @damboy22 for the summary of events I really want to say it was a great avenue to have been given the opportunity to represent NEAR in my local coomunity making me feel like the hero with the shining armor. To add a little more details, we want to appreciate @qeeyah.near and @miraclx for having to travel 1200KM to be part of this exciting event. We wish to repay this with also gracing the city of Lagos which is the fintech hub in Nigeria soon as well.


Thanks for the addition doc


It was a great success since the event. So many developers have already started exploring the NEAR Testnet hoping to come with something big in Near time. Thanks to NEAR team for giving us this privilege to change so many people’s live by giving them the proper information to carry on. And we promised to do alots more of these events in all part of the country and Africa at large. Blessing people with the right information about NearProtocol that will benefit them for a life time.


First of all I want to thank the near team for bringing this important opportunity to our young developers that has Interest in building into blockchain. And Also want to appreciate the effort of @nearprotocol Nigerian members for let this happened the future is really NEAR. Wishing to see more of this event happen in Nigeria and Africa at large . @damboy22 the talented and hardworking man thank for your summary


Thank you for the report! We are thankful for the support and collaboration. I would love to discuss future MeetUps creation with you all. :star_struck:


We are always open especially in terms of promoting NEAR activities in Nigeria and Africa generally

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This is really encouraging for all of us at #NPKGuild to really work hard and harder on pushing the NEAR ecosystem in Nigeria. And we are always looking forward to more and more opportunities the Ecosystem will bring that we as Nigerians can exploit

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the experience was superp,especially after meeting up with some top blockchain key players in the country for them to know what NEAR is all about. We are always ready to carry NEAR to every corner of the community and beyond

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