Story Vortex (project proposal)

This project was submitted through the previous Createbase application system and had its budget approved. Phase 1 was completed on 14.02.2021 and I’m currently working on the next phases.

Story Vortex. An exploration of tokenized tales.

Own stories in the form of one of a kind NFTs.

Each story NFT is unique, an edition of one, crafted especially for the buyer, based on a word prompt of their choice, their personal expressions, or synchronicity.

What is the Vortex?
Story vortex is a whimsical whirlpool of stories with moving bits and pieces, stretching, twisting and interacting in complex ways. The narratives we are drawn to shape who we are, and who we are creates our narratives. We construct stories and they construct us.

Buying a Story

  1. buy a voucher for a story

Story vouchers are NFTs and include unlockable content. Each voucher is valid to be redeemed once for a specific product.

  1. seed the vortex

After buying, the owner can then unlock a form and input a seed word of their choice, or generate a random word to seed the vortex.

  1. receive the story

After seeding the vortex, a new NFT will get airdropped to the buyer’s wallet within a set period of time (5 days, for example). This new NFT will contain their handcrafted story, derived from the seed they provided.

The writers behind the Vortex:
The personalized stories are written by experienced writers and improv comedians. This project aims to grow and nurture a community of writers and creators, which will get commissions and royalties from the NFTs sold. Part of the revenue will also go to a community fund, and the creators can then choose projects and initiatives to invest in with the fund. The project will start with an initial team, and submissions will be open for new writers as new demand calls for it.

The stories will come in several formats. They can be text, audio, videos, images, and more. Initial offerings will include:

  • improv short writings
  • dream excerpts
  • heartfelt compliments
  • random thoughts
  • unsolicited advice More story formats will be offered in the future, such as:
  • visual narratives
  • cat stories
  • micro series
  • improv scenes
  • fake trivia

Example story formats (in progress)

Improv Short Writing: One or more paragraphs, based on a seed word. They can have different formats:

  • story
  • scene
  • page from a diary
  • short essay
  • stream of consciousness

Dream Excerpt: Audio and/or text, exploring fragments of dreams. Can be offered also as video. Heartfelt Compliment: A sincere and uplifting compliment, crafted especially for the buyer’s, based on their social media presence. Random Thoughts: Bits and pieces of a stand up. Thoughts come and go, here they are captured and expanded, in video or SMS records.

  • rants and ramblings
  • loose ideas
  • observations
  • insights
  • pet peeves
  • obsessions Unsolicited Advice: Not asked for but given anyway. Bad advice, stupid advice, useless advice, even good advice, coming from the unique point of view of a plethora of invented characters.

Fake Trivia: More (un)believable than reality.

Micro Series: A network of characters interacting, with a hint of comedy but not only that.

How does your project benefit the NEAR and Mintbase NFT ecosystem?

  • Showcase of what can be done using Mintbase and redeemable vouchers.
  • Expand the scope of creators - open space for writers and comedians, besides the visual artists and musicians who are already using Mintbase.
  • Community building - provide a place for writers and creators to exchange and collaborate.
  • Experiment in governance - part of the revenues will go to a fund and the creators will decide collectively how to invest it.

Please provide a timeline and milestones for your project (funds will be granted after completion)

Phase 1 - Preparation - 1 month, large project grant (1000 USD)

  • Create a website with information about the project
  • Create product samples / examples
  • Design the vouchers and set up the forms for unlockable content
  • Decide the initial commission, royalty and community fund structure
  • Prepare first promotional materials

Phase 2 - Launch - 1 month, medium project grant (500 USD)

  • Mint the first vouchers (when Mintbase NEAR contract is live)
  • Mint the first stories (when people buy the vouchers)
  • Promote the platform
  • Gather testimonials and feedback from collectors

Phase 3 - Grow platform - 1 month, medium project grant (500 USD)

  • Launch new story types
  • Seek partnerships for promoting and growing the platform

Phase 4 - Grow creators base (can happen simultaneously with phase 3) - 1 month, medium project grant (500 USD)

  • Open applications for creators (when demand for stories grow)
  • Onboard new creators (will become an ongoing process as the project grows)

Phase 5 - Community and governance - 1 month, large project grant (1000 USD)

  • Creators community meetings
  • Define governance structure
  • Decide first destinations for community fund (when funds reach a minimum threshold)
  • Ongoing refining of governance structure

We would like to apply for a mix of large and medium grants divided over 5 phases, according to the project’s timeline.

Proposed by: Ivana Verle


Deliverables for Phase 1 (completed and already paid) can be found here:

Website with project information, product descriptions, splits and commission strategy, brand design, link to twitter with promotional materials:

Blog post launching the project:

The Story Vortex already has a Sputnik DAO that will receive funds from split royalties: storyvortex.sputnikdao.near


Nice thank you! Looking forward to phase 2 and tokenization of tales:)

Phase 2 is nearly complete, with store launched, first batch of vouchers minted and initial platform promotion. First NFTs are currently being produced and feedback will be gathered soon after. :slight_smile:

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