Stepping down as a council member of GraffitiDAO/Website accomplished

Hii NEAR family and the community of GraffitiDAO. It is with great honor that i have served you and contributed my energy to positively build towards this great vision and i commend other council members for the resilience and smart work. Thank you CreativesDAO for the support and to everyone dedicated in building community with love and empathy.
I am stepping down as a council member of GraffitiDAO with love and joy but we always family and will still build together. In order to build towards decentralization and focus on my other side i make this decision and with hopes web3 will be home for everyone.
Below are the achievements instigated and ideated by me during my time:
-Official GraffitiDAO website designed by @legalalien
-Achieved irl events in Lagos, Nigeria and Philipine through @Ligaya which is aimed to spread awareness about NEAR and onboard users/builders into the ecosystem and we succeeded but they might seem unnoticed smh.
Enjoy and pls subscribe GRAFF ON THE WALL s1 curated by DedeukwuShryne - YouTube
-We are officially a legal DAO on chain through the help of as GRAFFITI DAO LLC while considering where to register us regionally which imo validates a creative community to tap into the creative economy which is $2.25 trillion and help propel us for independence as you stated.

PS: I still have the Graffiti Merch designed by @Styleherbalist during their community event in my possession and it can be sold in the merch icon of the website from how we designed it so happy to buy one when it’s on chain. cc @Priyanka @Albhion @Ligaya


thank you for all your efforts and Love to Graffiti dao fam. we appreciate you a lot​:heart::heart: @Dedeukwu :blush: