Spoken word college challenge ( June)

Council members
Larkim.near @larkim
Supercoolkay.near @Supercoolkay
Bimpsy.near @Bimpsyy

Target : young-fresh.sputnik-dao.near

Project 1 :

Spoken Word College Competition
This month we will continue with our near Spoken Word college challenge
A monthly spoken word competition among artist and illustrators on campuses all over the world.
This competition is going to be very engaging and open competition on Instagram . it’s not going to involve just the artist but it would also involve the artists and their fans/followers.
Our thought process for the first stage is to keep the call open for all spoken word artist on several campuses, they will make a 1 minute spoken word video or a written poem arround the topic with the word metaverse and near included in their words( every artist can participate as long as they represent a college


The Theme for this month is metaverse and near" The most important aspect is the fact that the words will be coined around near and the web3 ecosystem; hence, giving creatives the freedom of expression.

After the second stage, the contestants will have already been narrowed down to 10 Artist, leaving the 10 artist battling for the cash price of the last round.

A strict requirements of having a near wallet will be in place for voting.
A near drop link with 0.5 near will be used to activate wallet of voters.

By doing this, all 10 contestants will be determined to win thereby educating and encouraging their fans about the near ecosystem and to open a Near wallet.
The top 5 contestants with the highest votes wins the cash price and the remaining 5 contestants will be tipped with a few near token.
500 voters will also be given 0.5 near each and we would stop counting the votes on the 500th person that votes and select a winner.A minimum of 500 new near wallets will be opened in this competition.

First position : 200 dollars
Second position : 150 dollars
3rd position : 100dollars
4th position : 50 dollars
5th position : 50 dollars
6th to 10th position: 20 dollars each
total : 700$

we are going to be collaborating with sankore 2.0 for the creation of near wallets and marketing
Total budget : 700 dollars.