[Closed] June 2022 Marketing strategy to Expand Youngfresh Dao community

Hello Everyone

Hope everything is going great from @marketingdao-council

This will be our first proposal to the Marketing Vertical, so I am excited to know your feedback and use your advice.


Special thanks to @vandal and @Paul for constant mentorship and support, and to @hevertonharieno and all @Creative_creation for trusting us with our projects.
The council members of Young fresh dao devised a means of onboarding new members and expanding our community through our Near art college challenge and campaign.

our target for the month of June is to reach a minimum of 700 to 1000 new members and build a very interactive community of creatives.

Guild name: Young FRESH Dao

Funding scheme: Monthly

Target for the month of June
700 Near members in our community
(New wallet creation)

700 near wallet creation
300 new subscribers to our YouTube channel

700 airdrop links will be created for this process
we will be requesting for 0.5 near token for every new member that will be onboarded to the community.
0.5 * 700
: 350 Near…

one Instagram sponsored add to get people to participate in the competition targeted to reach 5,000 to 7,000 people : 50 dollars

Total amount requested
350 near + 50 dollars

We are open to any questions and we will be excited to know your feedbacks.
Thank you @marketingdao-council


Good evening, could you please share links on YouTube channel and other social media accounts? Thanks


Thank you for your response @Dacha , Our YouTube channel is just about to get started and it will be our focus for this month.
these are numbers from our other social media platforms

Telegram : 214 members

twitter : 93 followers

Instagram: 72 followers

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Did you try to connect with Sancore 2.0 project? They recently got a grant from NF as a regional hub. Probably, as a representative in Africa, they can cover some expenses (wallets, airdrops) from their budget. Please, let me know. Thank you :blush:

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Thank you so much @Dacha for promot response, please can you guide me on process to connect with them

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Good morning,



Please, let me know about results. Thank you.


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Thank you so much @dacha. I will get in contact with them now


Thanks for your proposal,

I am unable to support this proposal. A few notes:

  • Brand new DAO, need team to prove their execution and value creation. If team is unable to get this going as a passion project at first, no amount of money will make this succeed
  • I believe the ecosystem has grown past the opening wallets stage. While we can fund wallet in some contexts, we should be focusing on the value being generated for the ecosystem.

I would suggest the team focus on activities that have little to no cost to the team and come back in a month or so with progress report and a new proposal.

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Hi @satojandro , Thank you for your reply.

Young fresh dao is at his third month of work, we tested this means in our first month, and we successfully opened 230 new wallets…we are very passionate about making it work that’s why we are seeking collaboration from the marketing dao, A part of our funds is also going to the project.

Young FRESH Dao is at its growing stage, we are building an interactive community and bringing in fresh creatives from the physical world to the ecosystem, This is more than just wallet creation, it’s about creating a very interactive community of fresh creatives

Here is the report of the first execution of this project.

Thank you @satojandro , I hope I’m able to shed more lights to your questions.
Thank you @marketingdao-council we
are open to more questions.

Hi @larkim I too would echo the comments from @satojandro

Please continue to make organic growth and come back in the future

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