Seminar 4- NFT Workshop with Eduardo Politzer & Coletivo Amarelo

NFT Workshop with Eduardo Politzer & Coletivo Amarelo

Date: 31-03-2022

Time: 19h GMT

Descrição: In collaboration with Coletivo Amarelo and taught by artist Eduardo Politzer, this workshop will focus on the process of creating a digital language, from conceptualization to implementation and development of NFT’s. Eduardo will share his experience creating his latest digital artistic work, the Labyrinth, which consists of sounds, poems and videos. As the labyrinth is an NFT itself, each link takes the visitor to a different corner of Eduardo’s research influenced by literature, design and poetry. He was able to create a new digital space filled with memories, dreams and loose thoughts and as you navigate through the labyrinth, you are invited to draw your own path. Some corners are deeply moving and personal and others are relaxing and funny.

The workshop will touch upon the influences behind Eduardo’s work and how he translated them into an NFT. This will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about building an artistic digital landscape and how to effectively incorporate references into their own body of work.

The workshop will be held in Portuguese.


Eduardo Politzer is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and holds a degree in Sound Design. He is a professional composer of sounds and produced over 100 songs for TV shows, such as On Air Globinho, Mega Pix and Globo on Air. Politzer also created sounds for Brazilian channels like Multishow, GNT, Viva channel among others. Recently, he found artistic practice within his sound design experience and merged the two together, resulting in the creation of several NFT’s and the Labyrinth.

Stephanie Wruck is an independent curator/art researcher and the founder of Coletivo Amarelo. Stephanie seeks for experimental curatorial methodologies within the art world through themed discussions and open educational dialogue. She closely works with emerging artists by researching and promoting their work.


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