Sankore memorial event at Mombasa

Sankore community hosted a successful event on Saturday 25th June 2022 at Sheratton Regency hotel in Mombasa Kenya. At exactly 2.00pm, the hall was already full until some people couldn’t find a place to sit the host were up and down looking for more chairs to ensure that no one was miss out. At 2.30pm, The event started with opening remarks from one of the host (Rama) he welcomed all the participants then followed by Sankore Introduction which was done by the CEO himself Kevin Imani. After the introduction, was the Sankore Academy, at this point the individuals were told more about Blockchain technology and how they can get to be educated on Blockchain and initiate developers into Web3 to become world -class Blockchain developers. The audience was then introduced to Sankore Bounty Ecosystem by Sheddrack. He explained to members all about Dao ecosystem. He also taught them how to claim bounties at this point and earn their rewards after completion they were taught on how to open near wallet and how to connect there near wallet with DAO. We completed the event at 5.30pm by word of prayer from one of our members before we were allowed to go for refreshments which was prepared by Sankore community