Sankore2.0 event mombasa edition

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Sankore 2.0 Mombasa Edition event was held at Sherraton Regency Hotel in Kenya Mombasa on 25th June 2022 was a greate success. As expected many people came to the event most of them being students from Technical University of Mombasa (they are very much into cryptos). Thanks to Mr Ramah the event happened as planned. Every minute was utilised and great wisdom was passed from Kevin (CEO) Paul (web3) and Mwangangi(SBE). Kevin Imani the CEO of Sankore community introduces himself to the audience through a zoom from Belgium. He explained the history of Sankore and their mission here in Africa. After the introduction, we were taken through the Sankore Academy, this is where individuals get to be educated on Blockchain and initiate developers into Web3 to become world -class Blockchain developers. Later, The audience was taken through the Sankore Bounty Ecosystem, at this point, they were taught on how to open near wallet and how to connect there near wallet with DAO. Also, they were guided on how to bid for bounties and earn rewards in Near after completion. The audience was then taken through the Q&A session where they were given a chance to ask any question about Sankore 2.0 and to answer a few questions that they were asked to get rewards too. We completed the event at 5.00pm by word of prayer from one of our members before we were allowed to go for refreshments which was prepared by Sankore community. To the sankore community thank you this should happen more often.