Sandbox [Agoust 2021] Reward Claim of [FritzWagner #6722]

Hello NEAReans, this is my third Sandbox Reward Claim, looking forward help even more! Very nice I get a lot of help always from @Sofia_Alum and I am very greatfull.

Our NEAR VENEZUELA twitter is growing fast now we reach 200 followers and we are very happy because it means that our work has value for the NEAR community.

OWS rocks :cowboy_hat_face: :v:

15 Memes ( 35 NEAR )

  1. I working camly seeing the rest of the world… (think this is the best of the month)
  2. Grinch: The Financing Gurus that talk bad about cryptos
  3. Crying Kid: I working to the 3 of the morning to get some USD (should collaborate for NEAR right ?)
  4. Mr Beam: People that doesn’t understand when I talk about NEAR (Ugly people)
  5. Monsters: I explaining my friends why NEAR is the best chance
  6. Little baby: When you teach your son to use NEAR since little
  7. Puppet: When I get to a place and find someone talking about NEAR (I know it)
  8. Simpsons: Why you just dont give other a chance
  9. Neal: If someone steal your NEAR!
  10. Now you paid and teach yourself with a crypto course you want to invest on NEAR ? No coincidence.
  11. Messi: Dont cry over me, I will still playing football. Frog: I don’t care, I crey because my money was stolen and I was going to buy NEAR with it
  12. I had my money on a legacy bank instead of NEAR
  13. I hate to be poor
  14. You told me you had a lot of NEAR ! - Cat: In mind
  15. — This one will be tweeted tomorrow —

200 Followers reach ( 50 NEAR )

Write an analytical analysis on NEAR Token (16 NEAR)
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Total: 101 NEAR


For September:

3 tweets per week promoting OWS and NEAR
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3
Week 4

Articles about/promoting OWS and NEAR