Sandbox [December] Reward claim of [stelcy_chelsey#0291]

Claim 1: social media NEAR Force

Social Media NEAR Force
Briefly describe the activity: (daily tweets with caption throughout the month) sustain your channel : grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments

Provide link to the end result

Total - 100 USD

Claim 2.

  • One time bonus for reaching 200+
    followers - 50USD

Claim 3. Shared my experience with the OWS team for 2 $NEAR.

Estimate your reward accounting for all activities:100+50=150USD

Total Estimated reward =150USD + 2 $NEAR

Thanks for the opportunity given

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Hi Chelsey, always nice to see you around :star_struck:

Thank you for your submission, your claim will be reviewed in due time :white_check_mark:

Please keep in mind that we will start reviewing December claims after the 3rd of January and will get back to you with feedback by the 6th of January. Our team will be out of office between the 24th of December and the 3rd of January. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the holidays!

Check this: You can fill in the OWS Journey feedback form and get a 2$ NEAR reward during the Jan payout period!

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Hello @Stelcy_Chelsey
Thank you for your efforts on Twitter, looks good. The only thing is that in accordance with our December Guidelines we do not give bonuses for reaching X amount of followers anymore.

Claim 1: approved
Claim 2: rejected

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Thank you very much for your review, you didn’t look at this : Sandbox [December] Reward claim of [stelcy_chelsey#0291] - #2 by FritzWorm

I am supposed to get a 2 $near reward for sharing my experience with the OWS team.


Hello @Sofia_Alum , please verify my claim 3, Open Web Sandbox journey experience form.


Good evening @Sofia_Alum, you have not responded to me all day, please respond to my request.


Hello +2N fixed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cheers :beers:


Thank you very much sir.

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