Sandbox [December] Reward Claim of [Bosslady7945] [Bossp.near]

###Type of activity:
Social media Near force
[create a Twitter account]
creation bonus = $3 + $100 growing my followers to 100

###Type of Activity:
[Near force]
[sustain your channel and post it on active social media with daily retweet]

###Link to Results

[] = $100

###Type of Activity:
[creation of info graphics]

Link to results
[] =$10

Type of Activity:
[share my experience in the ows journey]

Total estimated payout = 3+100+100+10+2= $215.

Kindly review my payout request in due time thanks. I am a new user, can’t input more than two links.

Double proposal found. Please explain why you have filed two proposals for the same Twitter or you will be banned.

@Jacopo this is my first time submitting. I only submitted one link to @vrdoingthings on Discord. Didn’t know I submitted payout request twice here. I’m sorry I did.

How do I cancel one proposal, cos i can only have access to one. Please kindly delete one