Sandbox [November] Reward claim of [Stelcy_Chelsey#0291]

Claim 1. Contributor’s profile
Type of Activity: Earn your first $NEAR by filling in the contributor’s profile form
Briefly describe the activity: Filled out the contributor’s From for the first time


Claim 2: social media NEAR Force
Type of Activity: social media Force.
Briefly describe the activity: Creation of a Channel - Twitter Named @NRARFocusrite

Channel creation -3USD

Social Media NEAR Force
Briefly describe the activity: (daily tweets with caption throughout the month) sustain your channel : grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments

Provide link to the end result

Total - 103USD

  • One time bonus for reaching 200+
    followers - 50USD
  • One time bonus for reaching 500+
    followers - 50USD
    Total one time bonus =100USD

Estimate your reward accounting for all activities: 3+3+100+100=206USD

Total Estimated reward =206USD

Thanks for the opportunity given.


Hello! Thanks for your work, we will review it on time.

Please edit the title to be exactly as requested here: Payment Request Guideline - /OWS-Docs

Without the " "

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I will effect changes immediately, thank you.

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Cool !

Please take out the " "

Just: Sandbox [November] Reward claim of [Stelcy_Chelsey#0291]

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Am still waiting for my review

Hello there! Thank you for your report :slight_smile:
My feedback for your work:

Claim 1 - denied, this isn’t a part of November Rolling Opportunities.
Claim 2 - 103USD for the creation of the channel and daily activity is approved. Unfortunately, I’m not going to approve the followers’ bonus seeing as your growth is clearly not organic: the number of followers is really high while interaction with your content is rather low, besides most of your followers are not NEAR-related and just ‘follow for follow’ kind of folks. There is no value for the ecosystem in this.

Total reward: 103USD

Thank you for your efforts and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

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