Sandbox [December] Reward Claim of [Maiker.discord#6232]


Happy to cotribute another month


Type of activity:

NEAR Force + Infographic Creation

Link to Result:

  • NEAR Force

Community Manager →

Daily Activity → $100

[Infographic Creation]

10 Infographic USD 125

Estimated Final Reward:



Welcome Maiker, you have like two months working with us building community in NEAR Venezuela, so big Thanks for your contribution, and as this is about NEAR Venezuela twitter, I will add the tag #near-venezuela

Big hug, happy NEAR year :partying_face:

Edit: It seems just need the +5 likes on the first tweet

Approved amount: $225 :white_check_mark:

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Good day! As one of the community participants and the investor, I had a couple of questions on this request for financial payments.

  1. I do not understand whether the data of the Tweeter do the platforms of the relationship to different guilds and the appropriate Dao?


  1. What is daily activity, if I see that in In addition to the retwees from other twitters of accounts and a small number of memes, there is nothing more!
  1. What infographics are we talking about, I did not find this information on the tweeter
  1. Different financial support for near Venezuela and near Valencia is requested? If the finance request is different, then I do not understand this, since Near Venezuela will simply repost and publishes the works of NEAR Valencia!?

I ask the Consuls of Near Marketing & NF to pay attention and express your opinion on these issues!

Sincerely, Igor

PS Sorry for my English, I use the translator!

@grace, @mecsbecs, @jlwaugh , @David_NEAR , @Maiker , @FritzWorm , @satojandro, @cryptocredit , @Dacha, @jcatnear

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Good evening.

Conflict of interest notice.


Indeed, I wish this to be approved soon so we can promote the NearVenezuela account management with the Near Venezuela Guild funds, waiting for the Oct, Nov, Dec inside task to be paid, and then we can finally do what OWS is mean for, take our tasks into a Guild or Project.

Let me know if you can recommend us anything.