San Francisco Hack Node

:bridge_at_night: San Francisco Strong! We welcome the Near ecosystem and would like to accept the global challenge!!

our growth, creative thinking, innovation and passion will help us reach a consensus between our high reaching goals and the resources and technology found within the global NEAR ecosystem.

Our mission: Metaverse Web3, lets enter the digital frontier and build projects that others can thrive within, we can build digital communities and environments, paired with blockchain technology, and this is a source for real communities that can grow in power together!

Let’s create a world where all people control their data, money, and the power of governance.


  • Understand Problems
  • Ask Questions
  • Explore Solutions
  • Build Community
  • Reward Hackers

MetaBUIDL Hackathon

(forum post inspired by James Waugh)


Awesome! I think you are up for the challenge :bear:

Do you have a budget for the MetaBUIDL event? You are more than welcome to submit proposals requesting payouts from the Community Squad DAO.

Just be sure to make the target your DAO address (example.sputnikdao.near), and include a link to this forum thread in your proposal.


How To Submit a Proposal

Coordinate with the Hackathon Guild

Led by @theChosenOne and @pransh:


Hey @BlockchainBear,
Can you please schedule a call with us (Hackathon Guild) so we can understand how we can help you host a great event: Calendly - Pratik Parmar


would love to get involved in SF on the ground - let us know what’s possible!


That’s great @sashahudzilin. Can you please share your email? I’ll loop you in.

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excited for the SF hack node launch tonight!

the venue is the hillsburo hack mansion, 2555 butternut drive

we need $3-400 for hiring cleaning, $650 venue rental, we are spending 500$ on food/liquor, $200 on promotional material (banner, signs) 400 on DJ plus Equipment rentals (speakers, booth, etc), also they owners of the mansion want to have $600 in case of damage to the property or personal items within

we upgraded this venue because after talking with @theChosenOne, I realized that two major events would be a better fit than many small events.


I’m glad we could help @BlockchainBear :smiley:
Let me know if there is anything we can help you with.

excited to be planning the closing ceremonies for the Metabuidl Hackathon in SF

Here is the proposed budget for the closing ceremonies we want to this to be in North Beach SF

I would love as many near employees to attend as possible, as well as any judges or additional resources

Link to the spreedsheet can be found here

Hi there! Looking for when you were planning on hosting this event?

Closing Ceremonies events are not items we were discussing with Hack Nodes, so wanting some more information on the plans for this event since the official Hackathon and Hack Node activity has concluded.

cc: @starpause

ah! I was told we should organize two events, the opening ceremonies and then the closing ceremonies

this is planned for this Friday the 24th

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@norah.near did share that this was something that was approved in internal channels, and so we’re in the process of voting this through right now.

Posting here for transparency and as a general update since your event is probably underway / is about to be. Hope it goes well!

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