Rous October Report

Hi Team!

This was my second month as an ambassador. A new month, with new challenges and a lot of learning.

Every step I took, and every letter I wrote, has been to overcome my barriers.

So I’m going to tell you what I did this past month.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to attend a Meta Pool in-person event yet, I’ve been managing online content and events.

Spaces on X:


I was a host in a space for cryptocuriosas: Community and technology, a one-way street. There we were talking with M. Brown, Meta Pool Customer Support, and the girls from HER DAO Latam.

We talked about the benefits of having blockchain technology for the scalability of communities, and in the formation of DAOs. Highlighting the system that Meta Pool uses for multi-chain governance.

I made 8 threads for X:

Are you going to talk about BOS again, Rous?:eyes:

Everything was very quiet until… The META Nation Attacked :eye::lips::eye:

It’s Alive! :eye::lips::eye: What is it?:jack_o_lantern: :point_right:The fourth round of grants from Meta Pool DAO.

Do you want to stake in Meta Pool but… :eyes:

Round 2: Stake!:green_square: :point_right:Second round of Liquid Staking

USDC loans through DeFi?:flushed:

:speaking_head:What’s going on with Gitcoin and Meta Pool?

Controversy, reset, and tokenomics​:fire::flushed:

I have written 5 articles on Medium:

Chronicles of a Reset: Meta Pool DAO.

:speaking_head:What’s going on with Gitcoin and Meta Pool?

Tick Tock People!

Creating a New Future: Meta Pool DAO Token Reset.

A Good Liquid Staking Guide.

A post on Near Social and a video that I uploaded to X and Instagram.

I asked many questions, participated in many spaces and calls.

This month I am very proud to say that my reach has increased, as has my engagement. Not forgetting to mention that learning is getting bigger and bigger.

More than 1000 views per thread. 50 people in the AMA.

Being an ambassador is a great opportunity. Thank you very much!-

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