Roadmap to phase 2 of sharding - high level doc

Here’s the link to the Google doc with a high-level roadmap of things that we’ll have to build/deliver to reach phase 2 of sharding (including scalability, challenges, rollbacks and slashing):


Thanks for the detailed document @mm-near . Could you outline which items were already implemented, which are in progress and which are in discussion state?

Thank you!

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None of the items in the doc are implemented yet.

We’re currently in process of design/PoC for scaling track, and early design discussions for security track.

Is there a particular thing that you’re interested in?

Thanks for the reply @mm-near . My question is not about a specific item but rather about the overall roadmap. Given it has a lot of unknowns and from external perspective looks rather challenging, how do you envision delivering that in 2023? My ballpark estimate (but I can be wrong though) is that even two stake-wars will take at least 6 months (3 months each, not sure that they can be run in parallel). Considering that none of the items are implemented yet, makes me worry that delivering the roadmap in 2023 could be extremely challenging.

The stake-wars could be run in parallel - as they are testing completely different part of the system.

But yes, this roadmap is challenging - so we’ll need as much help from the community as we can get.

If you’re reading this (yes - you :wink: - and you’re interested in helping in any way in any part of this roadmap - please reach out.

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