2021 Q2 Engineering OKRs

Hey everyone! Please find 2021 Q2 Engineering OKRs below, as well as 2021 Q1 Engineering OKRs with scored completeness. If you are an engineering team building on NEAR, feel free to add your OKRs into this thread :slight_smile: .

Aurora ← clickable

  • We are aiming to launch Aurora stack very soon! Productionizing it is a big priority;
  • Make UX and DevX super smooth both for the bridge and the EVM users;

Also, here are scored Bridge and EVM OKRs from Q1 2021. We are not doing separate OKRs for Bridge and EVM anymore, since these two projects are now deeply interconnected.

Contract Runtime ← clickable

  • We will work on making it super easy for contract developers to know how much of their gas went on what, down to individual operations. No obscure contract costs anymore!

Chain ← clickable

  • Scale performance of the Nightshade sharding to 400 validators, 8 shards, and 4k TPS;
  • Decide on which sharding design we will be solidifying;

Note, we hid sensitive OKRs related to security and safety.

Developer Platform ← clickable

  • We are setting a high bar for usability and pluggability of the contracts, with OpenZeppelin-like quality being our northern star;
  • We are also going to reduce boilerplate and minimize onboarding complexity for the projects coming to us;

Network ← clickable

  • We are going to make our network even more robust by being able to sustain 2000 nodes, with nodes coming and leaving every second.

Node Experience ← clickable

  • We will add secp signatures to drastically reduce NEAR->ETH transfer speed on our bridge;
  • We will also much closer with the validators and other stakeholders regarding their experience running our node.

Node Interfaces ← clickable

  • Make information for off-chain developers richer, subscribable, and verify its consistency;

Explorer ← clickable

Transaction Runtime ← clickable

  • Make our storage more developer-friendly;
  • Improvements for nightshade sharding, like parallelization of the runtime.

Note, we hid sensitive OKRs related to security and safety.