[ROADMAP] New Steps at November


Hello everyone! October was a year full of emotions. We at The Clan have passed trough some.

We finished our tasks, as we started new ones and upgraded others.

Heres our Octobers Report

We’ve learned a lot. Thank you for the tips ( and the tips! ) from everyone of the Creatives DAO. We have grow phisically too, we will introduce two new councils to our team.

As the reports are being done, the budgets request being done also, as theres a lil time, and lots to do.

This month we start our residence project, with the Creators with Kids segment, leaded by @whoiscavenaghi.

We have builded an active community of designers, musicians, video makers, photographers, that helped us achieve our first milestone, that was create the basics and understand our enviroment. We develop a social media strategy, a visual id to empower our communication, managed two concept workshops, created our first token, and put all these new things we created to another new project, the Onboard Project as we received 40 new persons this month and understood that this is a urge matter to be solved.

For this we develop a new structure at our DAO core.

This month we will be splitted at 3 pillars, each one with a team and all the teams working together to build a continuity to the projects, empowering the members, resulting at a stronger community.
The teams are:


This triangle will work together to create a project flux thats always upgrading.

At the visual we will be applying design thinking methods to create communication solutions. We will be part of all the onboard system at near, to raise more data and develop a system to automate most of the process.

For the sound department we will introduce Xperience Design, to complement the design thinking method and help our members and anyone that will participate to upgrade their skills as problems solvers, introducing our new audio front. We will also set a server, to set a Web Radio, being able to support musicians, podcasts, sound designers, AMAs, and more. Also to create a VR structure, being able to experiment and to hold files and a website.

At the Propaganda district, we will apply our new strategy to empower the community members with better tools and ways to deliver their material to their objectives, using the social medias correctly to quickly improve their range. Also we will work new advertising strategies with the creators to help the community growth.

Think, Xperience, Advertise. Repeat.

We have a new path for FIRERUNE.
As we develop it, the idea to distribute based at how the participants of The Clan Guild are involved at the activities, possibility to build a relation with a gorvernance system at a near future, where the most active members would have a vote at some decisions. And we are creating a financial background involving NFTs collections like the FIRE NPCs project. Lots of new bounties will be distribuiting more FIRERUNE tokens.

We had upgraded the CC Folder, to start building our database for a CC NEAR enviroment for trading material trough creators, as visual artists, musicians, writers, and more, can benefit gamers, designers at early stages, improving their projects, from a free sharing system.

We will continue the projects of the common activities, as welcome gifts and airdrops. Create more bounties, as the support for the near community members develop some stickers, a logo for the clan, a visual id for the website, with a multimedia artist from the community and a weekly informative called mastigaDÃO, where we report selected highlights for the community at social medias, focused at art segments.

We will create a fund to start collecting NEAR nfts, to generate engagement, and help the art scene to develop linked to an advertsiment strategy.

As the new marketing team opened a new front, we are setting some new strategies for propaganda with a creative background. We will use our own vehicles as a advertsiment for the project, the artists and the NEAR ecosystem.

We have moved to the AstroDAO
Our new address is the-clan.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you, any comments are welcome, please help us so we can help more.

The Clan DAO Councils:
@frado - Welcome to The Clan
@Kynetikus - Welcome to The Clan



Artist Stipend For Creators with Kids :white_heart:

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Ops. It will be done ^^

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