[REPORT] Zealy and meetups for virtual Latin communities

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In March, the DAO Open Web Academy team made a proposal to hold a series of virtual workshops/meetups and a campaign on Zealy, with the aim of generating greater chain activity in the NEAR Protocol and actively promoting the use of the Blockchain Operating System and NEARSocial.

See the proposal here:



+950 quests sent, +250 chain interactions with the Zealy campaign, +60 wallets created in the meetups/workshops and 2 allied universities.

Zealy Campaign

We designed a gamified experience to increase chain activity using the Zealy platform. The campaign, which started on April 3rd and ended on May 9th, consisted of 71 activities/quests based on the NEAR Protocol, its dapps, and social media interaction, which users could complete to encourage greater participation and engagement. To achieve this, we set clear goals and promoted the campaign through NEAR community channels and social media. Additionally, we offered attractive incentives and rewards for users who actively participated. Finally, we continuously monitored and analyzed the campaign’s impact on chain activity to ensure we were achieving the desired results. Below is the breakdown of activities.

  • 81 participants
  • 10 winners
  • 71 quests
  • 27 quests sent on average per day
  • 952 quests sent in total
  • 216 on-chain interactions

See here the 71 designed quests, with their descriptions, instructions and score (Feel free to create a copy): ZEALY: OWA X MKTDAO

The quests that generated chain interactions were organized into 8 different categories, each allowing various activities within the NEAR ecosystem. In these categories, activities included:

  • NEAR Dapp: guiding users on how to use mobile apps to share images, generate NFTs, and check their location in the world.
  • NEAR Social: encouraging the creation of text and image posts sharing valuable content for the NEAR community.
  • Meta Pool: activities designed for participants to learn and use NEAR’s most popular liquid staking system.
  • Ref Finance: participants made the most of their tokens with DeFi activities; they made swaps, created liquidity pools, staked tokens, and even participated in Ref Finance’s meme season.
  • Paras: participants had their first interactions buying NFTs and staking Paras tokens.
  • DeFi with OWA: in these activities, participants made donations to public goods with potluck and learned to stake directly in validator nodes.
  • Building: although building activities were less frequent than those in other categories, they were for participants with basic coding knowledge and allowed them to create widgets using the Blockchain Operating System.

See here the history, day by day of deliveries by day of the participants: DAYs | ZEALY | April

See here the quest on-chain submissions by category: On-chain submissions by category

See the Zealy leaderboard. Note: the campaign is finished so you cannot see the quests in the main panel

Meet up/workshops

University of Tlaxiaco

The inaugural meetup/workshop was conducted virtually in collaboration with the Technological University of Tlaxiaco (https://www.tlaxiaco.tecnm.mx/), specifically with a group of students enrolled in the computer systems program. Participants were assembled in a virtual classroom, where we engaged with them remotely. During the session, we assisted attendees in creating wallets, provided an introduction to the NEAR Protocol, and delivered technical sessions on smart contract development.

  • 1 profesor tomando el curso
  • 16 estudiantes activos
  • 16 near wallets creadas
  • 4 contratos inteligentes desplegados en testnet

See the post about this here: https://x.com/openwebacademy_/status/1785062021072896450

UNITEC University

The Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (https://www.unitec.edu/) in San Pedro Sula, Guatemala, is hosting the International Engineering Week from May 20th to 24th. During this event, Open Web Academy, with the support of MDAO, will be conducting 3 workshops aimed at introducing university students to the use of the NEAR Protocol technology stack. These workshops will focus on UX/UI with Blockchain Operating System, application design, where participants will learn to develop and interact with smart contracts, and a cutting-edge technology session to teach the general use of NEAR Protocol and interact with NEAR Social.

  • Date: May 23, 2024
  • Schedule: 11:15 AM, 4:00 PM, and 6:40 PM UTC-6
  • 3 groups of 25 students

Content for workshop and images

Enter the following folder to view and copy (feel free to do so) the templates, documents and graphic resources created by Open Web Academy.

Folder: Resources

Next Steps

The Open Web Academy team commits to launching 2 more publications announcing the activities that are about to be completed after this report



Great Work, Open Web Academy!

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