[Report] XSober Record Label Progress - October

ten-years-sober-press-sheet redux.pdf (100.7 KB)

Members: @pcmg & @pdflopes
Target : xsober.near

Paulo & Pedro are running a music production & engineering studio at Arroz. They’ve requested funds in July to launch their record label. The funds were approved in October. Payout can be seen here

Description of the work done by Pedro can be seen here:

There’s the report from our first proposal. To be updated when new things are done:

We printed a canvas for our events and also asked a designer to work on our logo and give us vectors of the logo to send to print and also to create a NFT of it (Find it at the attachment).

We invested in really cool photos which helped create our press kit and artwork (Find it at the attachment).

We will host our event in Arroz Estudios on the 11th of December. We booked Dj Kokeshi for this event at 232USD. Being a Portuguese DJ with years of experience she is a household name in Lisboa . We feel her music fits well the direction of our label. Part of these funds will be used to make the promotion of the event.

Our promo video is currently being negotiated with a video production facility which is also working on finding the right location for it. We are planning to shoot it sometime in November.

We spent 200USD for the mix and master of our next release on the 8th November (Remix of a song from Creenwick new album).

XSOBER mintbase store was created and our first NFT is ready to be minted. It is a jpeg of our X-Sober logo which will minted by the 12th December. Further NFT’s will be minted for music we release on X-Sober starting from the beginning of 2022. xsober.near Mintbase

Once in house artist Erica Doo returns, we are planning to meet to discuss the painting of our studio door which is also covered by the present funds.

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