[REPORT] VR DAO July Monthly Report

Project Name: VR DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:

nearestchico.near @nearestchico

naes.near @nico

Balance: current account balance 250 N

Astrodao: vr-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Link to previous proposal: [APPROVED] VR DAO July Funding Request


Because of the delay in the recipment of the requested fund for July activities, the two proposed activities for the month, namely THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH (TFITH) Visual Identity and VR artistic research Grant, were delayed and have resumed during the second week of August.

Nevertheless, Mariana Vale, the designer in charge of TFITH Visual Identity, has already started to work in the project, establishing a sharing dynamic trought Trello, and the selected artists have already created their forum account and wallets to receive their grant.

Fig 1. Trello Board for Visual Identity Project Beginning

Despite the delayed fund situation, curatorial research was carried out and there are three selected artists for the second (2 of 3) month of the funding program. As can be seen in the new proposal VR artistic research Grant | Second Iteration

Metric reflection and community engagement:

The delay of the funding also materialized as a lack of change in terms of social media, but as the projects have started we have 4 new forum account users and 4 new near wallets, which are related with 4 high valued talents, which was part of the stated goals of this project.


It is hard to attract talented people when the funding systems require them to set accounts in new unknown platforms. This led us to take total responsibility over the creation of wallets to reduce this kind of demand, and to ensure the correct setting up of wallets. We will incorporate this as one of the aspects of production.
Also, it is very unlikely to be successful reaching institutions for partnerships without visual identity, audio visual material an existing communication strategy, so we need to focus in shaping this compound aspects in order to contact serious institutions.


We have recently received the funds (August 11) and the total amount of funding will be distributed until August 16.

Next Steps:

We will start the mediations with the selected artists, and will finalize the research for the last batch. This will allow us to craft a strategy to aim for institutional partnerships.

Also, the design process of the visual identity has started, and we will actively participate in this process.