[APPROVED]VR DAO August Funding Request

Project Name: VR DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

nearestchico.near @nearestchico

naes.near @nico

Target Address: vr-dao.sputnik-dao.near (already in astrodao) / nearestchico.near (KYC)

Project Accounting: current account balance 427N

Funding Period: August

Requested amount: 5000$ - 1199.04 N

[REPORT] VR DAO July Monthly Report

Updated Project Timeline:

Because of the delay in the funding transfer we limit July activities to what was possible for the council, namely articulations with the visual identity designer and selected artist of the first month of the program, and curatorial research.
We received the funding on August 11 and have started its distribution to the selected artists, enabling them to pursue their artistic research. We will start a series of meditations with them, and in parallel with the designer, to understand how to build a communication strategy that suits the (process documentation) material we will start receiving from the artists. This will allow us to reactivate our social media gradually, and with a new visible image to the world, reach out for institutional support outside the near ecosystem, an aspect that has shown to be harder than thought without any material to be shown.
We have already selected and reached out to the 3 artists for the second iteration, so we would set up their accounts. After selecting the 3 artists for the third iteration we will set a meeting and open the council to them, hoping to include new members with new perspectives and concerns.

[creative direction] THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH

Given the setbacks of the last couple of months we have to reduce the scope of the original project substantially. Nevertheless we have finally reached a kickstart point and would shape the administration and council activities to what is needed to fulfill the project on a monthly basis.

This month we will focus on researching and building a communication strategy that suits our particular conditions, making a mapping of our desire public, connecting with the materials that will be at our disposal and the forms that can be achieved through the visual identity.

Also, we would carry out the task of creating a VR freelancer database, as was proposed in our initial project, since we believe it could be useful for the currently granted artists and the community in general. We also believe that constructing an international VR freelance directory could enhance our community activity as a prewarm activity before fully reactivating our social media with new material.

The follow up of the visual identity project would be the most intense task of this month, since it is fundamental for the success of the project as a whole, and the creative decisions are in our control. For this, our designer (Mariana Vale) has already set a fluid dynamic trought Trello.
In order to carry out the actions we planned for this DAO and achieve the goals proposed for the month of August, we request funding for the following costs and activities:

Administration and council activities: 435$ x 2 (All members) - 104.32 N x 2
sub-total: 870$ - 208.64 N


VR artistic research Grant

Artistic research grant pilot program aiming to bring new people into the community, three artists per month, characterized by a deep relation with VR content production not only from an artistic perspective, but also from an institutional and commercial perspective. We hope that after three iterations some of these artists might become new members of the VR-DAO council, bringing artistic and technical knowledge that could be useful for the whole community.

3 artistic research grants: 3 x 750$ = 2250$ - 3 x 179.86 N = 539,57 N

Curatorial activities (research, selection, contact, support with NEAR platforms): 1600$ - 383.69 N

  • Double workload this month

Sub-total: 3850$ - 923.26 N

VR freelancer directory

50 bounties: 50 * 5.6$ = 280$ - 50 x 1.34 N = 67.15 N

Total:: 5000$ - 1199.04 N

** Total amount requested to the Creatives DAO = 5000$ in Near (the VR DAO treasury covers all expenses over the 5k limit)

Contacts and useful links:

Our TG channel is open to everyone who wants to engage with us and explore new VR related projects and ideas. Meet us on TG Telegram: Contact @vrdao, Instagram and twitter https://twitter.com/dao_VR .

Thank you all.

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Hello, team!

Your Creatives Moderators are delighted to support VR DAO and are grateful for your commitment and extraordinary amount of care in keeping it a vital and active force within NEAR and the Creatives DAO.

Here are some highlights of your proposal for transparency:

  • Proposal follows the guidelines
  • Proposal is well-organize and easy to understand
  • Asked amount fore each initiative are adequate and justified

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord server to post your monthly reports and funding proposals for better organization.

Looking forward to your report :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hello @nearestchico can i get vr telegram link. Congratulations to VR DAO

Hello @Romanus , here it is: Telegram: Contact @vrdao

Thanks :blush: would really love to know more about VR

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