[REPORT] VR DAO June Monthly Report

Project Name: VR DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:

nearestchico.near @nearestchico

naes.near @nico

Balance: current account balance 250 N

Astrodao: vr-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Link to previous proposal:


June was a month of restructuration for VR DAO. In order for VR DAO June funding request to be approved the moderation team advised us to fund the web platform of the project THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH through Marketing DAO. We saw this as a potential deviation from our main objectives and, at this time, spreading our funding structure between two different DAOs with different approaches and ways of looking at projects would spread our team too thin.

So we decided to put a pause on our timeline and not request any more funding until we restructured our project so we could focus on what is really important right away: Supporting artists creating art in Virtual Reality. First of all we decided to postpone the creation of the web platform for THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH. Instead we are redirecting our attention and funds to start distributing artistic research grants. This way we start showing a tangible example of what we want to achieve with this project at the same time that we expand our community by bringing this artist in.

We decided to also start looking for alternative ways of supporting THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH by looking for partnerships and grants from art institutions. This way we would be diversifying our funding structure as well as creating new relationships between the Near community and the art world.

Metric reflection and community engagement:

  • Due to the pause to restructure our timeline there were no changes in metrics or community engagement during the month of June.


  • We decided to reduce the scope of our project to focus on supporting artist right away.
  • We see now that our initial idea of building a strong foundation before starting to show tangible examples of the type of work we want to do was unfair to the community. We were asking the community to take a leap of faith with us as we built this project without seeing any of the results in the first months of development.
  • Instead of the approach of setting up all the structure and then starting giving grants to artists, we shifted to a more “build as we go approach”, as we start with our main objective of supporting VR projects and documenting the process of VR creation. All the infrastructure that would be created with the web platform will instead be set up as needed. This way there’s more transparency with the community as our vision is more clear and this way we promote a more organic growth.


  • Due to our pause to restructure our timeline there was no activity regarding the accounting of the DAO during the month of June.

Next Steps:

  • Start the giving artistic research grants to artist and bring them into the Near community
  • Search for alternative sources of funding with art institution
  • Expand the council of VR DAO