[Report] Tulum NTF's June 2022

“Report from Tulum Community Fellowship program (Near hispano)”

Project title: Tulum NFT first collection

Development of an NFT series of coins “Tulum coin founders club"

The first priority was the creation of a NFT series, that way we can have material to engage people and make them interaction with Near and Mintbase more dinamic.

With this NFT series we will be able to onboard people and teach them what is Near, how to open Near wallets and how to buy and NFT with Near in Mintbase.

The NFT are available in following link: NFTulum on Mintbase

I also please look to the promotional video I made for the NFT collection in our discord channel in Discord

To know about how the team is organizing and developing this project we prepare a channel in the NEAR Hispano discord server called #-RegenTulum inside the channel the team has meetings about updates to the project.

Near Community,

It has been an amazing month, a lot of advances I want to share with you all!
I am very happy to announce that we have the NFTs collection!!
The first collection is inspired in Tulum, I will share a promo video I made for the NFT collection is gonna be available at the Near Hispano Discord #-Regentulum
There is gonna be a second collection where the topic is gonna be “Sacred Waters” this name is gonna be the art representation of “Regen Tulum- movement: Sacred waters”
The intention with this collections is to help create awareness through art & technology, to engage artists and people in general into a new way of interaction, this way is gonna be more fun to teach them about this new way of economy such as how to open a Near wallet, show them how to buy their first NFT though Mintbase and the introduction to Near in general.

part2 [Report] Educational Videos June 2022