[Report] Transparency Commission Investigation on Alex Ustas

Transparency Commission Report: Alex Ustas (HoM) Approved

Submission ID: 3e6937aa-6e80-4034-9297-ef1c56f5ded8

Submission time: 2024-03-01T14:50:48.452Z

Subject of Investigation: CoI for approving Aurora DAO’s proposal in HoM

Nature of Investigation: Conflict of Interest

Summary of the report: CoI for approving Aurora DAO’s proposal in HoM

  • We don’t see any direct conflict of interest here because Alex Ustas is a part of Aurora Labs team which has no direct or indirect connections with NDC Aurora Community DAO as it’s a community-run entity.
  • Neither any member of Aurora Labs works at AC DAO nor any member of AC DAO works at Aurora Labs.
  • The questions are raised only because AC DAO has ‘Aurora’ in its name while it’s a totally different entity.
  • As long as the above points are not breached, there is no conflict for Alex Ustas with AC DAO.
  • We emailed Alex to confirm that TC does not see any conflict between AC DAO and Aurora Labs. In response to the letter he requested for legal clarification of the conflict resolution.
  • Suggestion : Arrange a legal meeting involving TC Members, Alex, and representatives from NF/NDC Legal to address and share legal clarification on the conflict.