[REPORT] Thespians DAO August 2022 Report

Project Name: Thespians DAO

Project Status: Completed

Council Members:

@dandyjj (dandyjj.near)

@roxy (roxytheentertainer.near)

Balance: Current account balance: 13.009N
Total in USD: $59.45



Project 1 -
The Creative use of Dance Drama to educate the Theatre Audience about Web3 Ecosystem, NFTs and NEAR Protocol; for Thespians DAO (Season 1)



Project 2 -
(Part Payment) Thespians DAO Audio-Visual Studio Space for Film Dramas, Radio Dramas & Rehearsals; Installment Funding Request



Project 3 -
Thespians DAO Online Skill Acquisition Workshop with Nollywood Veteran Actor/Director, Sir Obi Okoli; on Friday, 19th August, 2022 by 7pm UTC


It was a beautiful meeting; one to remember and learn alot from. The Speaker came online few minutes after @Roxy has talked to the Online Audience about the Veteran Director, and few information about NEAR Protocol and Web3.

The Speaker came online and talked to us about the Nollywood Industry, how to register with AGN (Actors Guild of Nigeria) and how to easily feature in Nollywood Movies. The online Audience asked some questions, and he was able to answer all of our questions.

Below is the Google Drive link to the Audio o the meeting:

August was a success. From having a successful Online Workshop, to a beautiful Dance Drama and onboarding classes.

  • Our Dance Drama recorded more than 30 people present.
  • Had collaborations with Formular Dance Academy. They are fun to work with.
  • We are happy to say that our Online Presence is something to write home about.

In August, we stated out the month targets on our Metrics:

and we are happy and proud we achieved them all

  • From August 5th to September 13, we moved from 171 DAO Members to 251 DAO Members on all Platforms

Rounding the month off with an additional 80 active members on all Platforms. You can check up our Link-Tree for more updates: https://linktr.ee/thespiansdao

  • We onboarded and opened 20 NEAR wallets for new NEARians:

  • We have generated and posted more than 20 contents on all our Online platforms; entertaining our Online Audience with our Dance Drama Pictures and the video teaser.

  • We have 20 NFTs on our Store (Thespians DAO Store) on Mintbase; and we have our full Dance Drama video locked with the NFTs via the help of https://vault.varda.vision

Just as the saying goes, “The Show Must Go On”
We will continue to triumph in our bid to achieve the 3 DAO Goals: To Onboard, Educate and Entertain.

The Dance Drama was a challenging one, as we planned using 10 Dance Actors and Actresses, but we ended up having more than 20 Actors and Actresses on Stage because of our storyline. This shows us the need to plan larger next time and kudos to our welfare crew headed by @favvywhyte, they did absolutely well in taking care of us for 5 Days. The payment made for 10 Dance Actors and Actresses were shared between the 21 Dance Actors who participated in the Dance Drama.

We will continue in our vision to self Sustainability, as we continue to save for our Audio-Visual Studio Space and equipment, which will give us so much freedom in shooting our Film Drama NFTs and producing our Radio Drama NFTs.

This September, we would be organizing AN EVENING OF MANY DRAMAS!, and the Theme of the Dramas would center on NEAR Ecosystem and Web3. We are so excited about this event. It will give many Drama Groups the opportunity to research about NEAR Protocol and Web3 Ecosystem at large.

Having excelled in the Ecosystem for two months now, we would host a Bounty for our DAO Logo Design; because we believe by now, the Community must have understood the kind of brand we are.

We look forward to collaborataions with other DAOs too, and we hope it happens soon enough.

Thank you @creativesdao-council
We look forward to a successful September!