[REPORT] The Penmanship Guild June Report

Hey everyone, thank you for your continued support as we attempt to grow our guild. The Penmanship’s June funding was spent closing our radio sponsorship with KWWV, securing a private beach to debut our 1st guild project, and strategizing our rollout with EHill Entertainment (PR company). Our project release party will take place on July 4th at a private beach in Avila. We’ve confirmed security, staff, and a DJ. Throughout the event we’ll attempt to get people to sign up for NEAR wallets and purchase NFTs. Moving forward our goal is to get listeners to collect our Mintbase NFTs to vote on the content we create and events we produce.

"Good Day" Music Video Release


  • KWWV Sponsorship Termination ($1,500)

Web 2.0 PR ($1,500)

Listening Event Monday July 4th ($2,000)

  • Private Beach location (Avila, Ca)
  • Staff
  • DJ
  • Concessions
  • Pop-Up Tents

Radio Sponsorship Post Mortem

At the beginning of our sponsorship, we had 3,800+ followers on Instagram which is our main channel of communication, at the close of our sponsorship we have over 5,000 followers. Our overall Spotify audience has increased from 50 to 140 monthly listeners. Even though all of our radio spots promoted NEAR wallets daily, for 90 days we only saw 4 new wallet sign-ups over that period of time.

Key Learnings

  • A NEAR POAP would be a useful onboarding tool. It would allow users to create wallets and hold assets without having to learn about converting crypto.

  • Radio stations in smaller markets are viable marketing and educational channels for audio NFTs. A radio promo guild or DAO could benefit the NEAR ecosystem as a whole.

  • NFT platforms that accept fiat provide better UX for new customers. We’ve sold 0 NEAR NFTs on Mintbase but we’ve sold 9 ETH NFTs on Bitski