[REPORT] The Penmanship Guild February *UPDATE*

This month was spent completing production and learning the new reward application process. Our reward KYC has been approved still patiently waiting on February’s reward. :grinning:

UPDATE: Received February’s reward and used it for the following…

*** Mix engineer $420**

  • Onboarded Room33.near to mix our first single “Good Day.” Looking to Drop the single for Good Day mid-May.

*** Mastering engineer $520 ($130 each version 4 versions recommended)**
* “Good Day” mastered by 1816 studios. All necessary versions (listed below) have been secured.
* Lesson: More expensive than necessary, the remainder of the project will be mastered elsewhere.

* Good Day (master)

* Good Day (clean)

* Good Day (performance)

* Good Day (instrumental)
  • Hire NFT artist $800 (+ 5% of forever royalties)

    • Secured Chornij Black for our official NFT graphics and event passes. He’s already started on the passes (see example) and he’s been officially onboarded (chornijblack.near). More designs in the pipeline.
      ezgif.com-gif-maker (5)
  • Purchased exclusive track rights for “Good Day” $350

    • Secured exclusive rights from Finibeats for “Good Day” and onboarded him (finibeats.near)

* KWWV Wild 106 FM sponsorship $1,500 (monthly price 3 month minimum)

  • Because our projects revolve around releasing one project and hosting one event every six months we thought it best to team up with our local radio station for promotion. We’ve secured an exclusive sponsorship on Wild 106.1’s “Local Flavor Friday” segment. Every Friday the station will play music from TPG and other local artists. They also run the attached commercial a minimum of 30 times per month plus additional mentions between segments. Working on getting the station to accept NEAR payments for ads.


* Event promotion
* Music promotion
* Web3 education
* Social media activations
* Wallet acquisition (3 Onboarded so far)
  * nikocochise.near
  * zenshorts.near
  * shoppassport.near

Stretch Goals: Secure a 16-bar feature from Super Duper Kyle on “Good Day” and onboard him to the NEAR ecosystem. We recently performed on his “I Miss U” tour in Ventura, Ca and are in talks with his management. Timing may prevent him from hopping on the master but there may be an opportunity for him to perform on the remix.

We will start editing and minting our Episode 1 documentary (PLEASE DO NOT SHARE) at the end of April on Mintbase as a lead up to our single release. With the full doc being minted on Zora (more than likely).

Analysis: Trying to secure a feature before establishing our initiative as a staple in the community might prove harder than expected. Resources will be better used to up production value of our events and content. Finalizing audio content before producing visual counterparts was necessary to ensure we stayed on track. Now that the music is wrapped, April and May will be spent finalizing our visual content, updating our community via newsletters, blogs/socials, and locking in all necessary components for our listening event.

Admin: Added CTC Roster as a group for guild votes and added ChornijaBlack.near to DAO council as an unbiased voter.