[REPORT] The Penmanship Guild April Report

Hello everyone thanks for checking out TPG projects! April was spent securing our funding and preparing for the final phase of our first project. Our first official single drops on all major streaming platforms on May 27th and on Mintbase and Bitski the following week. I’ve included links of our current web3 drops there will be more to come. Connect the Coast was booked for Viva la Cervezas festival in SLO, CA on May 28th at Madonna Meadows and MVMF on June 6th We spent our budget and time on the following.

  • Music Video for “Good Day ” Booked filming May 21st and 22nd $2,850
  • Talent ($1,850)
  • Wardrobe (stylist $500)
  • Edits and color correcting ($500)
  • Director and equipment rental (ARRI Alexa camera rental $850 for the day)
  • Hired a design team for marketing assets $650
    • Single cover
    • Social media assets
  • KWWV Wild 106.1 Sponsorship $1,500 (per month 1 month remaining)
  • finale venue vited on SLO BREW ROCKS in SLO, CA still trying to get confirmation on the booking Frog n Peach would be our back-up venue in SLO, CA

Official Good Day Artwork by Chornij Black
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Official Good Day Music Video Storyboard

Video Shoot BTS

Good Day on Mintsongs
Good Day on Myx

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