[REPORT] The Kin DAO I June 2022

The Kin DAO Report I June 2022

Hey Creatives Fam!

June was a highly successfully month as we attend NFT.NYC and officially launch Primordia! Here is what we accomplished:

  1. We finished and launched the first stage of our New Art City conceptual NFT art space that we have been working on for MONTHS! You can check it out Here

  2. We successfully completed a gorgeous first short version of The Kin DAO Video Interview by Seven Vision Studio DAO for our project made by Seven Vision DAO, filmed by @sevenvision

  3. Sophia from verse gallery DAO was able to use our Travel Sponsorship to attend NFT.NYC and co-host our Primordia DAO of DAOs launch event on June 23rd. Lets go women in Web3! Here is a photo of our founders @adrianseneca & @godofnfts with her at the event:


  • 1 Virtual Art Space Created
  • 1 Professional Promotional Video Created
  • 1 Women lead project sponsored to participate in Web3 events & networking