[Report] Story Time with Blaqk Stereo

Link to approved proposal Storytime with blaqk stereo

Hello Nearians,
Storytime with blaqk stereo was phenomenal; we had so many amazing entries, and I’m glad we had this remarkable time in the forum having fun, sharing, and making awesome art with incredible stories.

The entire contest lasted two weeks and within that time duration, we had 14 entries from which 12 finalists emerged. Contest post
our community on Telegram increased from 40 members to 60 and growing also, Blaqk Stereo on-chain members on Astro increased from 5 members it was last month to 21 members and counting.
Also, 4 NFT’s from this was minted to Blaqk stereo community store on mintbase.

@ImJami2017 emerged as the winner of the contest winning a cash prize of $150 USD in $Near after a poll was held to vote the winners on Astro.

we also had 3 runner-ups
1st @canalbrethren - $100 USD $Near
2nd @Dachi - $70 USD $Near
3rd @cjaneartz - $50 USD $Near

Here is the conclusion post on the Storytime with blaqk stereo contest


  • 20 New members to Blaqk Stereo TG channel.
  • 16 New members to Blaqk Stereo Astro Dao
  • 4 new NFT’s were created on mintbase
  • Community engagement and commitment increased by 80%.

Looking forward to hiding this again to better keep our community engaged and make new NFTs in the process while having fun. :smiley:

@Hawwal @cotmusic @Sholaspark