[Approved] Story time with Blaqk stereo (July)

I believe everyone in this community has a Phone, it is the most used gadget in the world and I’m certain you reading this proposal have one or access to one as well. So why don’t we have a Lil fun with it sometimes and make an extra buck alongside?

Storytime used to be one of my favorite times as a kid when my elder ones and relatives come around to tell me and my brothers’ stories and fairytales of all kinds. I have a very active imagination even til now, lol, always get lost in that world of stories.
This proposal is inspired by this history of the mine and I would like to share my world with the community here.

Storytime with Blaqk stereo is a mobile phone photography competition designed for everyone in the community to have fun while making stories. As long as you’re taking pictures with your mobile phone, you are very much qualified for this.
So we are putting this competition out to the community too, take pictures, only a maximum of 10 pictures of anything or place of their choice in a sequence that would tell us the Judges a story. The participant will also have to give us a story behind their pictures taken.

Only Mobile phones will be used in taking pictures that are to be minted to our mintbase store. we intend to open this to everyone in the community and outside welcoming new interested people.

Blaqk stereo committee’s

Time duration:
2 weeks

These collections will be minted to our mintbase store

Price Breakdown:

  • Graphics - $50
  • Motion graphics - $130
Category Prizes($)
Winner $150
1st Runner up $100
2nd Runner up $70
3rd Runner up $50

Total prize cash = $370
Total - $550

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Hi @TIMI, thank you for the proposal.

Do you have any target group of participants for this bounty? This month Blaqk-stereo DAO hosts many contests, and most of budget requested goes to the prize. Contest/bounty is a very good way to attract the participation of the community, however there must be a clear purpose behind. Can you elaborate how it adds value to the NEAR community?

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Hi @williamx
This particular bounty is targeted at the community, as you stated above, we intend to attract the community to blaqk stereo in order for the community to understand and share our vision and purpose with us as we grow. We don’t want to be alienated from the community that’s why we’ve decided to bring the community closer by holding this contest and bounty which will give our Astro Dao more engagement and increase our bond as a community. From this, NFTs will be made for our mintbase store which we’ll be launching this month. I believe the value of the Near community grows as the value of each Dao grows, this is targeted toward bringing the community closer and increasing our bond, a stronger bond means a stronger community.

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