[REPORT] Start of program: open web tour

We are excited to let you know that we delivered our KPIs and more for the start of program: Open Web Tour

Special thanks to @HOM-TC-COA and @Dacha for the support. The training was a 3-day intensive workshop where traditional developers and enthusiasts were taught how to build on the blockchain (near).

Projects built in the workshop

  • 10 projects were built on Near blockchain in this workshop

- 5 apps built and deployed to Near testnet:

  1. TESTNET Near Account charles_example1.testnet | NearBlocks - This was the example built to teach the participants.**
    Documentations: GitHub - CodexEmmzy/example_for_charles

  2. TESTNET Near Account kolade-dev.testnet | NearBlocks -
    Github repo

  3. TESTNET Near Account knowledgeable-cap.testnet | NearBlocks - A smart contract that allows you to manage voting built on Near.
    Github repo

  4. TESTNET Near Account bhobo1.testnet | NearBlocks - To-do smart contract is a decentralized application (DApp) deployed on the NEAR Protocol blockchain that allows users to manage their to-do lists.
    Github repo

  5. TESTNET Near Account mazixyz.testnet | NearBlocks - A dApp that allows you find rental houses.
    [Github repo](GitHub - near-home-hackathon/backend](GitHub - near-home-hackathon/backend)

2 groups were able to deploy their frontend, others are still working on it.

Near toolkits used

  • Near CLI
  • Cargo Near
  • Rust

Environmental set up:

  • Installation of WsL
  • Then installed rust (along with cargo)
  • Then installation of Near-CLI-RS
  • Installed Cargo-near


  • Number of participants:100+

  • Certificate of participation was minted on Shard.dog:
    Txs can be founded here

  • Days of program - 4-day:
    2days in person (May 10&11) 2days online (may 4 & 14). Program is currently on going at the moment as participants are still receiving training.

  • Wokshop bounty: $300

An original curriculum was created for this program which covered all that was needed for a traditional developer to transition into web 3, start building and make valuable contributions to Near blockchain.

Thanks to @flmel for the technical support whenever things get complex.

Video clips from the program
Useful educational clips from the program:

Community growth:

Our social media witnessed 100% growth since the inception of this program

The promotion strategy for this program range from billboard to flyers to social media campaigns and word of mouth.

We have onboarded all participants from the workshop ti our community to continue to train them and support their building process on the blockchain.

Up next is workshops in different institutions town and the general hackathon phase.

Thank you once again for the support @HOM-TC-COA :dizzy::confetti_ball:


Did all of the participants claim the NFT, is there an explorer link to the NFT?

Hi @chloe nice to hear from you!
The NFTs were voluntary to claim hence some of them claimed it. Kindly find the explorer txs from the NFT here

That’s not an explorer link, that’s a google doc? I’m looking for the smart contract and link to a dashboard like nearblocks.io

Hi @chloe thanks for your comment.

The smart contract is claim.sharddog.near and the link to the explorer is Near Account claim.sharddog.near | NearBlocks

Also, the claims were made via our custom site and the Google doc provided are direct details of all claims.

I hope this answers your question. Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you.