[REPORT] SharingShard 3rd Monthly Report

Period: July 2 to July 31, 2022

Project title: SharingShard

Project Summary: A tool to help monetize the creation of knowledge capsules, known as Knoogets. The tool fosters conversations among content creators, content discovery persons, and people able to share knowledge and experience to solve problems and challenges.

SharingShard Team:

Jorge Zavala - zavala55.near

Juan Carlos Iglesia - @jiglesia

We develop the complete process for two audiences:

  • Experience Producers select videos to expose an experience that is highlighted with a moment that is a small segment of the video to show a specific challenge, issue, or problem to be analyzed by Problem Solvers. The Experience Producer acquires Points of View and evaluates them, selecting one as the best suggestion that will be rewarded with Near currency.

  • Problem Solvers have access to a list of experiences that are requesting points of view to provide ideas, suggestions, and alternatives to find a way to fix the problem or solve the challenge

Currently, we have been developing the front-end and the back-end that is available in http://www.sharingshard.com. Any person with a Near Wallet can login and create an account to provide Points of View and collect awards.

The application is working on the testnet during the validation process. As we fix bugs and issues, SharingShard will be deployed on mainnet.

Two posts are available in English and Spanish about SharingShard

Del ruido a la acción / From noise to action

From noise to action. DAO´s, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and… | by Jorge Zavala | Jul, 2022 | Medium – English

SharingShard — Monetice su conocimiento y experiencia / SharingShard — Monetize your knowledge and experience

The following are the results of the team: