[Report] - ServiceDAO - March 2024

Here is the ServiceDAO Report for March 2024.

We launched thanks to NDC the ServiceDAO the 1march.

ServiceDAO Discord Metrics:
We manage 459 new tickets in Discord. Around 12 still open, waiting input from user.
Discord reach 69000 users. +4700 in March

ServiceDAO Telegram Metrics :
+5800 new participants
Our adept management of messages , providing swift and seamless assistance to all who seek it within the NEAR Ecosystem.
Unfortunately at the moment, we don’t have any metrics about help on Telegram.

In a historic first, we hosted our inaugural Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, featuring the illustrious Walc.io as our esteemed guest. To all who contributed their boundless curiosity and intellect, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.
Participants was around 50. But this was due to earlier hours was the guest didn’t have another availablity.
We will do it later right now.

NEAR Quizz
We organized the first NEAR Quiz successfully during the March month.
We have around 15 participants every times.


  • We also managed some ticket direclty from Direct Message from User.
    Reminder, WE never DM First !

  • We are working with L from DevHub to create a CommunityBot to help on Telegram

As we march forward into the future, ever determined to surpass our own benchmarks of greatness, we are excited to unveil a forthcoming user survey, currently under construction. Stay tuned as we strive to elevate the ServiceDAO experience to even greater heights.

@rahulgoel007 @TyrionTales @Midas @Kv9990
Advisors: @fiatisabubble @zubairansari07


Rahul’s Report for March 2024 - Service DAO

  • Moderated NEAR Protocol Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. Started monitoring NDC Chat from March 20th after discussing it with a few HOM members.
  • Assisted in formulating guidelines for Quiz Night, Content Creation, and AMA alongside fellow moderators.
  • Coordinated weekly calls.
  • Developed the agenda for these calls.
  • Established schedules for all moderators, as March marked the initiation of Service DAO.

Tyrion’s Report for March 2024 - Service DAO

I’ve managed Telegram, Discord & Reddit during my 8 hours shift five days a week. I’ve also joined every weekly review meeting. I’ve gone through every block words on Telegram channel and removed any not so used words or links that have become irrelevant now. I’ve also looked at the prospects of creating NEAR campaign on Glaxe and discussed with Lead, it was decided that it is very expensive and doesn’t align with the goals of Service DAO therefore we skipped that proposal.


My Report for March 2024 - Service DAO

  • Moderated NEAR Protocol Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.
  • Worked on Proposals / Report
  • Worked with OPS team for BOS Page launch
  • Checked PoC for every Subject (Marketing, Dev Support…)
  • Worked with DevHub for a CommunityBot
  • Assisted mods for AMA

My Report for March 2024 - Service DAO

  • Moderated NEAR Telegram, Discord & Reddit.
  • Managed NEAR Protocol Announcement Channel along with drafting posts for amplifying news in ecosystem.
  • Organised NEAR Quiz Nights.
  • Assisted Mods with AMAs/ Thread Contest tailoring the guidelines and events.
  • Managed telegram bots on the channels.

My role in Service DAO is as Advisor.

  • I have helped drafting proposals, starting plans.
  • Shortlisted and interviewed mods.
  • Attended weekly meetings and shared my input during the discussion.
  • Shared my input in AMAs and community events plans.
  • Kept an eye on responses of moderators and checked if the timely response is being done.

Midas Report for March 2024 - Service DAO

  • Moderated the NEAR Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.

  • Monitored NDC chat since March 20.

  • Created and organized a thread contest.

  • Actively participated in moderator calls.

  • Assisted with technical aspects and organized various workshops (such as near cli-rs workshop)

Isaac’s report for March 2024 - Service DAO

  1. Moderated NEAR Protocol Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.
  2. Organized and Hosted weekly AMAs (WALC.io and Ref finance in March)
  3. ⁠Attended weekly mod meetings
  4. ⁠Monitored NDC chats
  5. Drafted AMA questions to be asked during the AMA