[Report] - ServiceDAO - June 2024

Hello NEARians,
Here is the ServiceDAO Report for June 2024.

ServiceDAO has been operational since March 1st.

ServiceDAO Discord Metrics:

  • 87 new tickets were managed in Discord, with approximately 3 still open, mostly comprising follow-ups with Zendesk Support.
  • Discord has around 69679 users in total.

ServiceDAO Telegram Metrics:

  • We welcomed around 4404 new members in telegram. To reach 57 481 members
  • Our efficient message management ensures swift and seamless assistance to all NEAR Ecosystem users. Unfortunately, we currently lack metrics regarding Telegram assistance.

ServiceDAO Reddit Metrics:

  • Our Reddit community comprises approximately 17,500 members, and we regularly receive queries from users on the platform.
  • Reddit’s growth is consistent and steady.


  • We hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session featuring Bitte and Tradeport, expressing our gratitude to all contributors for their insightful questions. Approximately 30 listeners participated.

NEAR Quiz Night:

  • Successfully organized a total of 2 Quiz Nights in June, with an average of 40 participants each time.


This is the latest month of ServiceDAO. if you have any issue, please reach hello@near.foundation
Thank you NDC to support us and offer to NEAR Ecosystem a smooth Support and onboarding.
Special thanks to @Dacha

ServiceDAO Team: @rahulgoel007 @TyrionTales @Midas @Kv9990 @Ike

Advisors: @fiatisabubble @zubairansari07

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