[REPORT] Rumah Svara (Svara DAO Mansion) NEAR HUB for August 2022

Holla Nearians!

Svara DAO is very excited to share with you the news about Svara DAO Mansion, which is being built by the NEAR HUB Team.

Rumah Svara will be used for NFT artwork performances, cultural festivals, Nusantara music events within the Svara DAO community and will have the goal of socializing in cyberspace using this extraordinary experience.

This is an example of a design from NEAR HUB adapting from the Javanese Rumah Joglo and Pura Bali.

Building Design

More is going to be built in Rumah Svara (Svara DAO Mansion), as so far we have around 1/3 of the work done :coffee:

Thanks @jefedeoro @3Dean

Payout: $1000
Target: nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near