[PROPOSAL] Rumah Svara (Svara DAO Mansion) NEAR HUB for August 2022

Council members:




Greetings NEAR fam!

The fourth month of Svara DAO, we decided to create our own room, called Rumah Svara or Svara DAO Mansion where community members will be able to gather, showcase their art products on art exhibitions, including Indonesian cultural arts, cultural music show, batik art (we collaborate with Batik Mawar Putih x Paras), a painting that will be used as an NFT by Indonesian and Southeast Asian artists.

We chat @jefedeoro and share my ideas about Rumah Svara, and we @teezyindo @derymars plan to have a meeting on Monday, August 15 at 22:45 pm WIB. And we seek advice from @Paul , we are very interested in this project and we hope that if this project runs, this is our step to be self-sustainable in the future and strengthen our feet to continue to develop our ecosystem with the NEAR Protocol.

This is a concept picture Rumah Svara

Jawa 1

Jawa 2

Wayang Kulit

Estimated completion date: End of October 2022

Requested amount (1/3): $1000

Target: nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near


looks like a nice venue for a crypto-gamelan music set :slight_smile:

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Yeah Blu, we just finished a meeting with Near Hub to design the mansion we had in mind, thanks for the support.