[Proposal] Build a Website for Svara DAO

Council members:






In the fourth month, we decided it was time to create a website for our DAO activities. We strongly believe a website will help in creating awareness, if we we can exist and this brings our DAO closer to the wider community and knows the NEAR protocol. And we are now also starting to think about our NFT project for the future. We have also started by building the Svara DAO mansion with NEAR HUB.

Create a simple but professional website that can display about recent activities, gather mailing list and funnel people into future events, updates, social media channels, etc.

Budget breakdown Amount
Purchase domain 1 year $20
Add hosting 1 year $150
SSL & Security $30
All In One Package $850
Wireframe, Design, Responsive
Landing page, Add conversion form, Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics, FB pixels, Lazy loading, caching, CDN
Image compression, Image Assets
Totals $1050

Estimated Construction + Revision : 5-8 Weeks

Thank you for your support!

Terimakasih, Svara DAO Councils
One Love


Hello :wave:
I am happy to give u my opinion.
First Do u mean you will share all the news on this website?:thinking:
Second I think 850$ is very good price for website design!:grin:

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