(REPORT) Rising DAO NFT Series Report and NEXT STEPS

Rising DAO v4

Hi all!

Please see our report for our first project on NEAR, our first three months here on NEAR, and what’s coming next.

Rising DAO is focused on Content Innovation. We research, profile, and make media about the innovation developed by artists and creative technologists in the NEAR Ecosystem. We add value to NEAR as a listener, researchers, and storytellers enabling exciting ways to share innovation within NEAR and the rest of the world.

1. “Portrait of The Artists” NFT SERIES

  • We were approved for the first project that we now call, “Portrait of The Artists: NFT Series” – the aim is to create written portraits that give a less formal, creative, and journalistic view of how the lives of artists are being changed by being on the NEAR Protocol. These portraits aim to share the data and the feeling of the people and DAOs portrayed.

The benefit to NEAR Ecosystem: We believe that NEAR benefits from having the stories of how artists are innovating on NEAR to share as case studies, expanding the NFT marketplace with NEAR-centric content, profiling individuals and DAO projects that make a real impact, while also providing helpful insights for furthering the development of the platform itself.

APPROVED PROPOSAL: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-rising-dao-creative-listeners-creative-communicators-for-creatives-dao/26044

PHASE 1: “Profile #1, Lagos, Nigeria – Artists of A New Planet”

We decided to do our first Portrait on the amazing community in Lagos, Nigeria – a community that has been on the forefront of integrating for-good work with art and the Blockchain.

Metrics from Profile #1

  • The piece is a 15 pages-long expose, designed by David Okoke, a brilliant young artist in Lagos (teaser below)
  • We have 3 teasers to use across NEAR wide and on other social media channels
  • The piece can be read digitally OR printed and shared/or hung up IRL
  • The press release will launch Wednesday, October 5th, 2022
  • The Profile will launch the second week of October 2022 on 3 Marketplaces
  • Because the piece turned into a 15-page article we believe it ALSO stands as a Newsletter – over time, we believe a newsletter from Rising DAO will make good sense to report on ALL the projects we have going in the ecosystem
  • We have our Twitter Handle now: https://twitter.com/Rising_DAO

David Okoke, Designer


“OVERVIEW of PROFILE #1: Lagos, Nigeria

"The NEAR Protocol is most certainly building a world, perhaps even an entire planet with blockchain infrastructure and currency for us to inhabit. Yet, artists on the platform are figuring out how to live on the NEAR planet, right now. That’s what artists and creatives do; they fully inhabit new worlds and go forward, to the edge, to guide people into new ways of living.

In Africa, artists and creatives have spent the past year creating the framework for an artistic revolution on the blockchain utilizing the NEAR Protocol. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has provided philosophical, practical, and physical spaces (IRL and in the Metaverse) to redefine their relationship to artmaking, community, and commerce. They are engaged in a new understanding of art in the world, both within a technology framework, as well as how communities can deepen while looking towards the future, without losing the context of the past.

All life stems from Africa. We are all born from her, and we are also participants in her horror, and, hopefully, her demand for healing. From our collective DNA to our shared history of colonialism and the re-creation of freedom, we are indirectly or directly connected to her. And, Africa has always gone first in living and in art. And, so it should be of no surprise that Africa is one of the global communities of artists that were “first-in” to develop Creative DAOs on the NEAR Protocol.”

PHASE 2: Open Call to artists in Africa for 2 more profiles in 2022

*** NEXT STEP:** We realize, humbly, that we have only scratched the surface of the amazing innovative work in Africa utilizing the blockchain to launch projects, new ways to use NFTs, and social innovation. So we will be doing an OPEN CALL to African Artists/Creative Technologists this week.

We are engaging with creatives, creative technologists, and African DAOs to ask them to submit their ARTIST/TECHNOLOGY MANIFESTO of how their work and lives have changed in the NEAR ecosystem, and how they are innovating creativity and with the technology. We will do 2 more portraits in this series on Africa.



( Once we have learnings from this first process with African artists we will extend the portraits into the rest of the world/ecosystem in 2023)**

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT For Profiles #2 and #3

We will be hosting and participating in AMAs on spaces on Twitter and Telegram. These conversations will:

  • Bring Rising DAO in as a listener to communities to hear more stories
  • Share our launch of the FIRST NFT in this series and get feedback
  • Develop a dialog around artist innovation on-chain within African communities

2. Support of NDC and Constitution Development:

  • Rising DAO supported the movement towards NDC

  • We provided idea about HOW constitutions can be explored and some ideas about how to grow as the creatives/artists come to the platform to do professional projects. https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-first-a-manifesto-revised/28620

  • We also did a takeaway from that process for a quick overview


NEXT STEPS for NDC: Rising DAO offered to do a call to the community for 1-4 sentences for a manifesto. Yet, there have been amazing conversations and a request for 3 words to capture the vision of people for the constitution, so we are still happy to do that, but need to know if it is of help. Please let us know if you think we should do a community call-out to support the process.

3. What’s next for Rising DAO:

  1. Portraits #2 and #3. Then we will do a call out to the next region we’ll explore.
  2. Hiring a Social Media Manager for Portrait #1 – get key learnings and extend this role into the project as it grows
  3. Develop concrete proposals for the Marketing DAO for Portrait of the Artist NFT series in general (when we have results from #1) with specific asks related to marketing and comms – once we learn from phase 1
  4. We are developing a media-centric/documentary series to expand the aim of “Portrait of the Artists” but delve into the Digital Courage that is happening around the world. We will use documentary filmmaking, NFT technology, and community development here on NEAR. MORE SOON.



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