[Report] ReggaeDAO Monthly Report June 2022

The sole aim for the month is onboarding and creating wallets.

The activities previously scheduled for the month of June were closed

and so we decided to focus on several activities that encouraged DAO engagement and enlargement.

We wanted sonething different: to bring in members that were not previousiy in the ecosystem i.e. members that didnt belong to any other dao before addition which is what we tried to focus on.

In the real sense, i believe that is where the real expansion is, not just recycling members. If we take a deeper look into it, one person can be in about 10 DAOS thereby just adding up numbers for such DAOS but what we tried to achieve is this: 10 New persons who were not previousiy in any DAO into our own dear ReggaeDao.

Also creation of ReggaeDao Membership Card

The purpose is to confirm their identity so we will know they are who they say they are and not using double identities as we have found out recently that some people have double identities.

This is to also ensure that they are not impersonating other people to carry out different activities. For the nearest future, we are working on a situation whereby those who possess membership cards can be rewarded and the more they onboard new and fresh faces, the more rewards they have.

Sample of the membership card

Creation of More Near Wallets.
For this month, a total of Near wallets were created and these are the list of the wallets created and more are still being created daily.


All these activities were funded with the reserve money in our astrodao wallet and we decided to move on with community engagement and expansion despite our proposal for June getting closed.

Telegram Update
There has been a significant increase in our telegram community. In May we had about 113 Members and now we have over 180Members and more are still being added daily


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Twitter: Reggae DAO

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