[REPORT] Ready Layer One Podcast Series of Episodes


We are excited to share our growth from our latest grant. ([APPROVED] Ready Layer One Podcast Series of Episodes)

Since the approval of this grant, we continue to meet our goals despite how rough the market has been and for the most part, we have seen growth in some key areas. We were able to record 9 guest-related episodes (7 released so far) and 5 weekly news episodes, plus dozens of short-form content on TikTok and YouTube. (Ready Layer One | Podcast on Spotify)
(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4wNxsx2bB72NuB9MJV_qgw ) (TikTok)

With our podcasts and one-off content we now have multiple short clips (YouTube & TikTok) that are showing huge growth. This includes growth that has led to over 3400 followers now on TikTok (Was 500 at the time of the grant) and over a dozen videos with 1000 views, including multiple over 3000, and our two biggest 18.5K and 346K! While this is still small in the context of viral TikTok, the gained exposure continues to be huge and our reach is exponentially larger.

While growth on Twitter has been slow, we have still seen a positive uptick in followers and general exposure.

Additionally, with these funds, we also did a special episode with NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin at NEARCON 2022 (Illia Polosukhin at NEARCON 2022 and discussing NEAR Protocol - YouTube) and also did a rebrand on all of our digital assets to bring a cohesive and unique experience as we expand into more media content and technology within the NEAR ecosystem.

We continue to try to be a voice of the Ecosystem and grow not just our brand but highlight NEAR as the place to build and be in web3. We appreciate the continued support from the Market DAO and the entire NEAR community!