[Report] Ready Layer One Podcast Series of Episodes from Dec `22


We are excited to share our growth from our latest grant. ([APPROVED] Ready Layer One Podcast Series of Episodes )

Since the approval of this grant, we continue to meet our goals despite how rough the market has continued to be and for the most part, we have seen small but sustained growth in some key areas. We were able to record 16 guest-related episodes (14 released so far), plus lots of short-form content on TikTok and have been running and participating in spaces more regularly. (Ready Layer One | Podcast on Spotify )
(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4wNxsx2bB72NuB9MJV_qgw ) (TikTok)

We continue to see growth areas across all social media. We focused more heavily on guests and education based episodes and content which during this market had a positive effect. We continued to see the largest reach come from TikToks and something new we started doing is providing content directly to the project for them to share which has done well (see hideyourcash as a good example)

We did do some special education based content including spaces to discuss items like wallet security, validators, and building on chain.

Additionally, while not part of the grant per se, we made sure to improve our website in order to be a better hub for information related to the NEAR ecosystem (https://readylayer.one)

We continue to try to be one of the voices of the NEAR ecosystem. The goal remains to grow not just our brand but highlight NEAR as the place to build and be in web3. We appreciate the continued support from the Market DAO and the entire NEAR community!