[Report] Plantasia monthly report / August

Hello council members and @creativesdao-council !

We would like to inform you of our latest activities and metrics.

Our YouTube channel has doubled it subscribers and is growing by the day. From 31 subscribers to 63 with viewings per video ranging from 150 to 700+ views.

Here are some of the streamings:

Bieu + Apropriadamente








Our August funding arrived today, therefore we are still going to onboard the artists that performed this month during this week (as we like to onboard them personally). We could onboard 6 attendees from our own funds during the streamings.

Despite the delay of the pay out, we managed to have two meetings with our team ( Irish designer Mel Keane and the Brazilian programmer Bòris BM) to work on our website. The art will be done by September 14th, when we have a third meeting.

As for our minting, sticker distribution and poster exhibition, it will all be done live during the LFG event, on the 13th September, where we also hope to onboard 50+ people in partnership with Arroz NEAR Hub.


Many thanks and please do show up at the LFG event to show us some love.
Enjoy the NEARcon!

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