[REPORT] Philosophers DAO Monthly Report for May 2022

Monthly Report - May 2022

Council Members




Project Status Complete


Total requested: 2000USD (295 NEARs)
Total spend: 279.9844 NEARs
Total left: 15.0156 NEARs

What we proposed

What we have accomplished in MONTH

4 youtube videos + 4 NFTs (videos + gifs from the talks)

4 NFTs (rendered 3d books + PDF from the talks) + 4 wearables for Voxels

4 arts to share the seminars + 4 minted certificates for seminar participants

Hiring the Community

The onboarded PhD professors were hired to give their talk. They were onboarded to the community. They have many students and a large impact in their work field.

Financial movements

Transfer of 295 Near received by jsc2022.near to The Philosophers DAO


Updated Project Timeline

We started by building a (very important) partnership with the Incubadora DAO, both in the creation of the TPD Seminars project and in the selection of topics of interest to both DAOs. Next, we started the project by selecting the proposals sent by the Professors. We are already articulating the combination of resources from the two DAOs to maintain the monthly discussion project on art, technology, culture and philosophy.

We then created a group on Telegram exclusively for members of both DAOs so that we could discuss and share information about the progress of the project.

Then, we created a Telegram group for The Philosophers DAO Community (which now has 32 members - academics, masters and doctors). In this group we sent tutorials so they would have more information about NEAR, NFTs, and our projects. Many of them are interested in creating their Near Wallets (our next step will be to make a Call to offer more information to increase the engagement of people in NEAR and in our community).


The seminars were a real success, we had more than 400 views with subscribers from Brazil and other countries. All videos are now available on our YouTube channel. Furthermore, we onboarded five PhD Professors and 1 student. So, we have now 4 talks, 13 NFTs on NEAR, 4 wearables on Voxels, 1 partnership with another DAO (Incubadora DAO), and we started our social networks.

The Philosophers DAO YouTube channel has 731 subscribers and each of the seminars has so far the following views:

Seminar 01 (Hold on May 26, 2022): 153 views

Seminar 02 (Hold on May 27, 2022): 113 views.

Seminar 03 (held on June 01, 2022): 123 views.

Seminar 04 (Hold on June 03, 2022): 65 views.

Resumes of PhD professors (onboarded):

PhD. Everton Maciel - Federal University of Amapá (emaciel.near)

PhD. Keberson Bresolin - Federal University of Pelotas (keberson.near)

PhD. Afranio Patrocínio - Federal University of Amapá (does not have a name yet)

PhD. MĂłnica Herrera Noguera - University of Republic (moniherrnog.near)

PhD. Adriane Mobbs - Catholic University of Pelotas (does not have a name yet)


We could realize that we need to talk individually to each person, in order to convince the person to open the wallet and know the community. We could learn that we should ask the speakers to bring their students.

Next Steps

To start bounties for the community, in order to be in contact with other DAOs and bring people to our telegram and philosophers to the blockchain. Use the remaining resources for the onboarding of new members to the NEAR ecosystem.


Awesome work!! Been a pleasure :star_struck: :star_struck: