[report] Performance Of Persian language association

Hi, I am Hadi from Iran. As I explained in the previous report, we Persian speakers asked to be included in the list of officially supported local communities.
the previous description in the link :point_down:

The Persian group Near is led by me and I own it and it has more than 1200 members, all of whom are interested. I have been close to the group for a long time and I am very familiar with the project, as well as cryptography, algorithms and other topics.
We created the Farsi group on September 18 with the aim of interacting between the members, and unexpectedly many Persian speakers welcomed Near, and the number gradually increased dramatically until today, when the Farsi Association has more than 1,200 members, we and the members request that the Farsi Association be made official. And be included in the list of officially supported local communities

Summary of performance{September 18 to October 8}

*Production of informative videos by myself and content and introduction of Near and ecosystem

This video was made by me, because with the increase of community members, with the aim of better understanding of members about Near, ecosystem, introduction of Near and ease of understanding of the project, and I explained everything, I produced this video on20 September and in Persian group pinned,
And despite the fact that Blockchain Near has been filtered in Iran and Persian speakers did not know and also no video about Near was produced in Persian, this video was able to help well.

*Creating and collaborating to create Persian articles related to Near on Persian language sites and publishing it

Unfortunately, there was no information or article about introducing Near in Persian before and Persian speakers are not fluent in English. I decided and asked some Persian language sites to introduce Near in Persian on the sites and in collaboration With the site administrator, we were able to create articles in Persian about Near
**ارز دیجیتال نیر پروتکل NEAR Protocol چیست؟ - رمز ارز نیوز

**ارز نیر Near چیست؟ -آینده ارز دیجیتال Near چیست؟ | زوم ارز


This helped Persian speakers a lot to understand the project and structure, ecosystem, team, etc. and we also placed these articles in the Persian Telegram Near group.
During this time, we realized that the most important problem for Persian speakers was that the Near blockchain was filtered in our country, and Persian speakers thought this was a project blockchain problem, and when they sent the Nears they bought from the exchange to their wallets , something It was not shown in the wallet and they thought the Near blockchain was faulty, while they only needed to turn on the filter breaker,
And through articles, the Persian Near Association, we corrected this issue

*telegram moderation
*Near ecosystem updates and news
*Full introduction of Near and ecosystem in Telegram group and guidance of members and …

I have been in the English group of the project for a long time, I am completely familiar with the project, and I am also completely familiar with the algorithms, cryptography, I guide the Persian speakers in the group, I inform the members about the project updates, and any questions or Near problem

let’s take a look at some of the statistics from the group
{September 18 to October 8

Total number of messages sent>>>>>19.1K
Total number of visitor members >>> 714

Activity of members on days of the week
Saturday, Sunday, Friday, Wednesday are the most active days of the week

My most important goal in producing articles and videos and sharing them in the Telegram group has been to solve problems, and to better introduce the project to Persian speakers so that they can better understand near.
Our only request to Persian speakers is that the Persian group be included in the list of officially supported local communities. Thanks

Visit the Persian group, we were happy


hello Saeed, I can see you are trying hard. No doubt there is some good work out there. I appreciate the effort.

a few questions from my side:
1- do you write those articles all by yourself or do you have any other team members?
2- the videos you share on your community do they belong to you ? can you share their links with us please?
3- we want a decentralized community instead of single person rulership, are you alone in this? or if not can you introduce them to us?
4- I’m having messages from other Persian communities as well. Are you willing to get in contact with them and work together help spread Near and produce more quality content about Near Ecosystem together?


1:Hello , I am glad to see you, Yes, I wrote the articles myself
as I explained above, there was little information and article about Near in Persian, and Persian speakers had little information about Near, and because Near blockchain was filtered in our country,They thought that the blockchain was broken and had a problem and , I decided
And I translated the articles by translating English articles, help from other sources, youTube , etc., and I also pinned them to better guide the members of the Persian group in the group, and this helped a lot.
2:Regarding the film that I put in the Persian group @NearProtocol_persian, yes, I made this film myself to better understand the members of Near and to introduce the ecosystem and to better understand the project, solutions to bypass the filter, etc …
And pinned in the group

How to create an account in the official Near wallet How to Staking and solve some problems of Persian speakers, such as zero balance, not opening the wallet(@Hamed_rex)

I put it on YouTube so I can share it with you
3: No, I and the other two ambassadors work on the telegram moderation channel, and each of us does our job at a specific time, and these two ambassadors also have very good information about cryptography and Near, and They have been working as Persian ambassadors in many projects for several years
1-@Hamed_rex 2-@Ali_o
Both are ambassadors on several projects, such as one of them (@Fetch_ai_Persian) and @Fetch_ai_Arabic, and they have really good information about cryptography and Near, and they have about two years of experience.
4- Yes, I think this will be great, I agree with this and I think it is a good idea

We ask the members of the council to make the Persian Association official and to be included in the list of local associations, thank you


@David_NEAR @jcatnear @JMaenen @3UN1C3 @grace @jlwaugh @shreyas @cryptocredit @Benz_Near @stanisnear

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Hi @Saeed01 thanks for posting the report on your activities building the Persian Near community. Great to see that you are spreading the word and reaching new members.

I would echo the comment by @KriptoRaptor about the Persian speaking community team. Perhaps you should encourage them to join the forum and introduce themselves?

Do you intend to put forward a funding proposal to the Marketing Vertical DAO?


Hi @cryptocredit as I said before ,I and the other two ambassadors work on the telegram moderation Near channel @Hamed_rex and @Ali_o
These two ambassadors also have very good information in the field of cryptography and Near and are excellent as moderators of the Near group and have played a very good role in leading the association since the establishment of the association and are one of the best Persian language and experienced ambassadors. I invited them to the association to introduce themselves

-Yes, we intend to produce more content, videos, articles, etc. related to Near, Near ecosystem in Persian, and we expect the Persian Association to become official and to be included in the list of local communities, as well as Allocate funds to our team


Hello, @cryptocredit I am Ali vahedi from Iran, I am glad to see you, I am moderation Telegram Persian group Near with @Saeed01 and @ Hamed_rex , have been leading and marketing many projects as a Persian ambassador for two years, and I am also quite familiar with the Near project, Ecosystem, Algorithms, and I have been in the moderating group since the group was founded on September 18 until today. We advise about Near, updates, any questions about price, sales, advice
It has been a month since the creation of the Persian Association, this makes us proud to be a member of the Near family.
Each of us tries to be online for 6 to 8 hours a day, and to guide the members of the community,
Our performance to date is the production of three articles in Persian, the production of video, the creation and moderation of the Persian group and the guidance of users
Our vision is a s Strong association

We do all this at our own expense to this day, and if our team is funded, we will definitely do much better in the future.


Hi , @cryptocredit I am Hamed Rostami, thirty-five years old from Iran, with three years of experience and as an ambassador in Telegram.
And the moderator of the group, in many projects and the Persian ambassador of exchanges such as Coinex and kucoin and many other projects
I am in the moderator group and in addition I help @Saeed01 to produce better content , We expect the team to support our idea and the Persian Association to be approved, And allocating funds for the Persian team
Our biggest problem right now is the budget
I think everything is explained, and our team has introduced themselves and there is no need for further explanation from me, we have to wait for comments


We are eager to hear your comments…
@David_NEAR @mecsbecs @shreyas
@jlwaugh @grace @JMaenen @3UN1C3
@jcatnear @KriptoRaptor



Yep, looks great! :tada:

My only piece of feedback, and something which I think should be rippled throughout any localised Guilds etc, is to make sure it’s clear that the Telegram channel and what is being produced is unofficial.

Keep it up :raised_hands:


Hey @David_NEAR David, unofficial! We tried to introduce the team and show our work, our goal a local community to grow awareness, development, participation and spread economic freedom in the blockchain We request that the Persian Association be official and be included in the list of supported local associations And allocating funds to our team, we also aim to produce more quality video and content in Persian,I hope our team is supported


Hey! AFAIK this isn’t really how it works. It’s an ‘official’ Guild, absolutely, but it is not an official representative of NEAR or the NEAR Foundation.

That wouldn’t really make sense from my POV since only NEAR Foundation itself can make official comments and officially represent the brand. To bestow this on every Guild / local entity could open up a can of worms since not everything can be policed.

That’s not to say that all of your work isn’t awesome of course, it is!

Absolutely :muscle: Can discuss in more detail on the proposals which are submitted :smiley:

Hi Saeed,

Thanks for sharing the updates.

I’d love to learn more about this but I’m glad you were able to help people.

By this, you mean adding the Persian community to the pinned message on Telegram? I think that should be fine. @jcpacion , @KriptoRaptor can you look into this please?

I’d also love to chat about the broader plans you have for the Persian community- beyond content and translations, and see what we can do for the Persian community.

As for budgets and funding, please send in a proposal in advance to the relevant DAO and you should get the funds. Instructions here. I would also recommend getting on a call with @Jessica , our guilds programme manager, to discuss more about what you have in mind and how we can support.



yeah @shreyas @David_NEAR these friends have been asking for this for a long time, I have eventually guided them here before that
I will talk to @jcpacion and add them Telegram: Contact @NEARProtocol_persian right away :slight_smile: