[Approved] Budget for Persian tem / September 18 to October 31 /

This is our request for October
Guild Timeline:September 18 to October 31 (42 Day)

We have already presented a report on our work, in the following post.

Moderator and guiding the members of the Persian community, helping to guide them and introducing the Near ecosystem, which we also sent a performance report our goal has been to help Nir lovers among Persian speakers.
We understand that the association is informal and we are currently working with the approval of the members of the association. We have also contacted Jessica and with her approval, the Persian Guild will soon
(moderators:@Hamed_rex @Ali_o @Saeed01 )

Created three articles on Near, Near Ecosystem, Introduction to Near, Near tem
1-The first article
2-The second article
3-Third article

1-How to create an account in the official Near wallet How to Staking and solve some problems of Persian speakers, such as zero balance, not opening the wallet(@Hamed_rex)

2-Introducing Near, Near ecosystem in Persian

We also have several more videos for November, we need funding right now

Youtube: 70 subscribers - 72 views - 2 videos
Telegram: 1,113 members
Twitter: -
Discord: -

Youtube video:200$
Group moderator reward for each moderator:150$ ,Three moderator=450$
According to the current price, Near December 8 ~ = ($8.4)=$950÷$8.4 =113 Near
We request a 113 Near budget
. .


@David_NEAR @mecsbecs @shreyas
@jlwaugh @grace @JMaenen @3UN1C3
Waiting for your approval and comments


This is all good to me - happy to see it submitted to Astro.

Pinging Comsquad for any other comments - @Community-Squad


Hi David, thank you, I already sent a budget request to SputnikDao, unfortunately it can not be canceled, sorry, but now I have to send another request to Astro?


Yes, please. The link you sent is incorrect for the MarketingDAO anyhow so we couldn’t approve it on there.

Do share the link once it’s been submitted :raised_hands:



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Please direct this one to the MarketingDAO

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Approved and paid from Marketing DAO treasure, tags fixed.

Looking forward to report :grinning: