Creating a Persian association for Persian speakers

Hi, I am Saeed Shaboun from Iran. I have three years of experience in the market and I am proficient in currency analysis and its techniques. And I know a year of experience as an ambassador, as well as cryptography and algorithms and other subjects, because an ambassador must have information in this area.
I am a Persian ambassador and marketer, I applied to create a Persian association, I also have a year of experience as an ambassador, during this time I led many projects in the local community, but unfortunately not all projects need an ambassador for a long time, For example, just a few months, and I am currently the ambassador of two projects. I have a lot of experience as an ambassador: 1-Origin and the second project 2-Reef. I am the ambassador of these two projects in Telegram, my username is @Pogba_15 and also the link between these two associations.
1- @OriginProtocol_persian
This project of which I am the ambassador, (@Pogba_15)

2- @ReefFinance_Persian
This is me and my friend is its ambassador …

Also, we share in creating a Persian community in Near, and by introducing Near among Persian speakers, it will introduce more and more popularity among Persian speakers. Persian speakers are very interested in Near, and I also have a great interest in creating a Persian community. , This is a Persian community but currently unofficial (@ NEARProtocol_persian) which Persian speakers visited very well, and even though Near blockchain is filtered in Iran, Persian speakers are still very interested in Near

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Hey @saeed01,

Have you reached out to the guys running @NEARProtocol_persian? Would be great if you guys joined together.

Maybe the creation of a NEAR Persia Guild would be something to pursue? That’d be one to explore.

Have you been engaged with the NEAR Community for a while? Or is NEAR something you’re new to?

Hi David, I have been in the near group for a long time and I am very familiar with the project and also the Persian group Near is led by me and I own it, and it has more than 1,000 members who are all interested in near, and I am in this group I describe near to those who are interested, answer their questions, and …
I also have experience and experience as an ambassador in the Reef finance and Origin protocol projects and I am now the ambassador of both
I am waiting for the confirmation and officialization of @NEARProtocol_persian and I am happy to join the Persian group


hey David this is the friend @Saeed01 who manages @NEARProtocol_persian on telegram. They have been constantly asking to be listed on officially supported local communities list so I guided him into our community forum to get to know each other better. :slight_smile:

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Hey Saeed welcome to Near.
Can you please share your social media channels too?
i.e twitter, instagram, youtube (if any)