[REPORT] Onboarding spiritual teachers and conducting monthly AMAs - july

[REPORT] Onboarding spiritual teachers and conducting monthly AMAs

Project participants









We have added 8 more members, 4 of them are going to be onboarded on chain.

Project Status ongoing

Project Accounting

We are adding new members and making AMAs with them.

We have 18 members now and need to onboard more 6 people to complete 24 and do 5 more AMA (3 are being edited now) to complete 8.

Remaining 5 AMAs should be done before 10 September by our member @rjtarun

As soon they are finished we will edit this post to add them

What we have accomplished in july

We are adding members that have a spiritual connection.

We start the AMAs this month, we made 3 of them and will do the other 5 on august to make it properly

All the new members will receive 50 DAI in their wallet to do transactions in the ecosystem and all of them were joined in our Astrodao.


We start to find really nice spiritual persons that can add content, new ideas and proposals.

Next Steps

We are keep bringing new members to enlarge our community and grow the ecosystem